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Rebekka Hartmann

Born in Munich in 1981, Rebekka Hartmann began playing the violin at the age of 5 with Suzuki method teacher, Helge Thelen. Thereafter, she studied in Munich with Prof. Andreas Reiner and in Los Angeles with Prof. Alice Schoenfeld. Further significant advancements were made in international master courses with Rainer Kussmaul (among others) and during her collaboration with Josef Kroner.

Rebekka Hartmann has won numerous international awards including the “Jascha Heifetz Scholarship” (USA, 2002), the “Pacem in Terris” (Bayreuth, 2004) and the International Henri Marteau Violin Competition in 2005.

She has made solo appearances in China, the USA, Great Britain, Austria and Switzerland as well as at important festivals with prominent orchestras like the Peking Symphony and the Bamberg Symphony and in a number of recitals where she
thrilled both audiences and reviewers alike.

Rebekka’s continuing development and success bear the imprint of her collaboration with renowned conductors like Christoph Eschenbach, Miguel Gomez-Martinez, Esa Pekka Salonen, Jukka Pekke Saraste and Enoch zu Guttenberg.
Her repertoire covers the entire field of violin literature from the interpretation of baroque, classic and romantic to more modern works; whereby she often performs otherwise seldom heard works and presents the masterpieces of lesser known composers.

In 2006, she brought out her highly praised debut CD with solo works from J.S. Bach, Paul Hindemith and B.A. Zimmermann.

Rebekka Hartmann plays on an Antonio Stradivari (1675) violin.