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Rebekka Hartmann – Birth Of The Violin

Artists: Rebekka Hartmann

Title: Birth Of The Violin

Catalogue No.: SM 151

Release: 18.07.2011


This release is part of the successful Solo Musica “Birth of …” series, aimed at presenting to listeners the oldest known compositions of music for solo instruments and formations played on the oldest available and still playable instruments.

The first two CDs in the series, “Birth Of The Cello” and “Birth Of The String Quartet” have already won several prizes such as the prestigious German ECHO Award for “Birth Of The String Quartet” featuring the renowned Casal Quartet.

This time it is the turn of the violin. We were able, for this recording, to secure the use of a violin made by Antonio Stradivari in 1675, early in his career, as well as the Amati violin “(The) Rethi” of 1669. Born in Munich, the violinist Rebekka Hartmann is a prizewinner of numerous national and international competitions. For this CD, she has recorded works by composers such as Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, Francesco Geminiani and Louis-Gabriel Guillemain. Over 90% of the featured works have been recorded for the first time. Played in the way they were originally intended and with an unparalleled virtuosity, this CD represents a journey back through time to the beginnings of the solo repertoire for this wonderful instrument.


Johann Paul von Westhoff
Suite in A-major for Violin Solo
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber
Violino senza Basso G-minor
Johann Georg Pisendel
Sonata à Violino Solo senza Basso A-minor
Francesco Geminiani
Nicola Matteis
Louis-Gabriel Guillemain
Amusement pour le violon seul La Furstemberg
Friedrich Wilhelm Rust
Partite for Violin Solo D-minor