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Helen Buchholtz – Und hab so große Sehnsucht doch …

Artists: Helen Buchholtz / Gerlinde Sämann, Claude Weber

Title: Und hab so große Sehnsucht doch …

Catalogue No.: SM 309 (2 CDs)

Release: 05.04.2019


20 years ago, the Luxembourgian composer Helen Buchholtz was an enigmatic unknown. In 1999, two suitcases containing around 250 music manuscripts were found, which have since become accessible to gender in the archive of Helen Buchholtz in CID | Fraen an Gender. Only by chance had they survived: the notes, packed in sacks after the death of the composer, has been saved from the fire by a nephew at the last minute … Helen Buchholtz, daughter of a wealthy brewery owner, received early lessons in music. At the age of 36, she married a German doctor and moved with him to Wiesbaden. Widowed early, she returned to Luxembourg, where she frequented poets and musicians. There her music came to the performance. But in concerts or on the radio she was heard …

The double CD presents a selection of the best of her 51 songs and ballads, which are selectively placed in a dialogue with contemporary music: Inspired by Helen Buchholtz ‘late Romantic music, Catherine Kontz, Albena Petrovic-Vratchanska, Stevie Wishart and Tatsiana Zelianko composed four new ones Songs. Film director Anne Schiltz also shot the documentary Im Dialog mit Helen Buchholtz.

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