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Trio Cremeloque – Trio Cremeloque

Artists: Trio Cremeloque

Title: Trio Cremeloque

Catalogue No.: SM 213

Release: 13.10.2014


Casimir-Théophile Théodore Lalliet (1837-92) was a French composer, conductor and solo oboist at Paris Opera Orchestra. His music is not so largely known. It gets the opportunity to be launched on the map of “classical music that still matters” (L. Kramer) on this CD.

Unlike Terzetto by Lalliet, Pavane pour une infante défunte (1899) by Maurice Ravel is a well known and much performed piece originally written for piano, and arranged by the composer for xxx orchestra in 1910. It gets a new timbre performed by Cremeloque Trio. In this version, the melody brought by oboe and bassoon gets on its meditative profoundness making it easy for the listener to evoke the atmosphere of the slow processional court dance of 16th and 17th centuries.

The Trio (1926) by Francis Poulenc was composed in Cannes and dedicated to Manuel de Falla. It is written in best French neoclassical tradition and probably is one of the most performed pieces within the repertory for this ensemble. Allusions to 18th century classicism is dense, the proliferation of classical themes is extended to the point when this Trio could be called not even neo-classical but hyper-classical music. What makes Cremeloque’s interpretation of Poulenc’s Trio different from the interpretation of other ensembles is – again – almost palpable corporeality of playing music to the point when enjoyment of performing bodies could be heard through every note.

Rachmaninoff‘s early Elegiac Trio in G minor (1892) comes as a kind of romantic and melancholic closure of this CD. This one-movement piece was originally written for piano, violin and cello. Cremeloque Trio opens the discussion about possibilities of re-arranging existing music for oboe-bassoon-piano formation particularly with this piece and makes the repertory for this not so common ensemble an open field of investigation. Looking forward to further results!


Werke von:
Works by:

Theodore Lalliet 1837-1892
Maurice Ravel 1875-1937*
Francis Poulenc 1900-1963
Sergei Rachmaninoff  1873-1943*

*Eigene Bearbeitungen
*Own adaptations