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Sharon Brauner – Jewels

Artists: Sharon Brauner

Title: Jewels

Catalogue No.: 88765444062

Release: 05.04.2013


Who knows not the milkman Tevye and his wonderful song about the richness of although possible, but extremely unlikely in the near future. After Shmuel Rodenskys hit, the Yiddish song disappeared from the music scene quickly and comprehensively. There however it returns now probably, what Sharon Brauner’s album “Jewels” may carry a significant complicity.
The Berlin lady, 43 years old comes from a family who five decades certain with the German movie business of the last as actress in moving images of diverse genres quite its share, but now she is clearly on the music. On this album we find a whole new musical presentation of wonderful well known evergreens sang in the Yiddish language.

There is a classic like “Bay mir bistu sheyn (Tome, you are beautiful)” moved to the beach of Copacabana, there you here sounding waltzes in electro sound and tangos like a hot Flirt in the morning at the Club, with the ‘Tumbalalaika’ she then goes eastward, but not in the typical folcloric dress and the ballads of the album sound more like pop than what is otherwise combined with Yiddish music in.
Sharon Brauner brings us back a culture, without any nostalgic transfiguration into a sound that is far away from hard retro culture and instead, well – it comes pretty sexy around the corner.


Bay mir bistu sheyn
Chassene Walz
S`ken nit meiglich sein
Tango Apassionata
Ikh hob dikh tsufil lib
Kaddish – Soldatn
Rozinkes mit Mandlen
Sheyn vi di levone
Adon olam
Oyfn pripetchik