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Marcela Arroyo of Zurich was born and bred in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After studying singing, she attended the Musical School of Julio Bocca. She had lessons in music and interpretation with various artists, including the singer Leda Valladares, the guitarist Anibal Arias and the opera singer Juan Manuel Miró. She has been living in Switzerland since 2000. She has sung the leading role in Astor Piazzolla’s “operita” María de Buenos Airesseveral times, in Zurich, Wiesbaden and Darmstadt.
Marcelo J. Nisinman was born in Buenos Aires in 1970; for the last three years he has been living in Basel, where he composes and performs as a soloist. In Buenos Aires he studied harmony and counterpoint with Guillermo Graetzer (a pupil of Paul Hindemith) and the bandoneónwith Julio Pane. Marcelo was among Astor Piazzolla’s protégés. He went on to study orchestration with José Luis Campana in Paris and composition with Detlev Müller-Siemens in Basel.
He has undertaken international concert tours with Gidon Kremer and his Kremerata Baltica and with the Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Charles Dutoit. As a soloist he has performed with the casalQuartett at the Flims Festival, at Justus Frantz’s FincaFestival and with the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra in the USA.
Angel Garcia Arnés of Hamburg studied the classical guitar in Valladolid (Spain) and in Hamburg, going on to study with José Tomás in Spain and Álvaro Pierri in Uruguay. He is mainly interested in Spanish and Argentinian music. His project with the Spanish tango singer Ramón Regueira was an attempt at fusing the tango and elements of Iberian music. In his arrangements he likes to explore the tonal potential of unusual instrumental groupings like Sureste Tango, Cuatro por tangoand Duo LieberTango. He was a Pro Argovia artist in 2001/2002 (Sureste Tango).
Javier Bezzato was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. He began preparing for his musical career with Maria Massini at the age of eleven. He later studied with Carmen Mutarelli and Celia Roca at the University of Montevideo, going on to France Clidat and Denis Pascal in Paris and then to Prof. Homero Francesch at the Zurich College of the Arts. He has won the Jeunesses Musicales, first prize at the Ciudadde Montevideo piano competition and the Werner and Berti Alter Foundation scholarship. In addition to his concert activities, he teaches at the Upper Argovian Music School in Langenthal.
Hannes Giger studied the double bass in Basel, Geneva, Cincinnati and San Diego in the 1980s. He spent the 1990s in Los Angeles and on tour with classical music, opera, contemporary music, musicals, jazz and folk music.
Maja Lisac Barroso of Basel was born in Slovenia. She studied at the Vienna College of Music and Performing Arts and with Prof. Marcus Weiss at the Basel College of Music, where she received her diploma in 2007. She teaches at international master classes in Slovenia and performs in numerous groupings (classical and contemporary music, tango). She has won various prizes and scholarships. The Basel Academy of Music enabled her postgraduate studies in Paris, where she was above all involved with improvisation. Maja Lisac teaches at the Gelterkinden Music School and assists Prof. Marcus Weiss at the Basel College of Music.
Witek Kornacki of Dietikon was born in Poland, where he studied at the Conservatory of Gdansk (Danzig). He has lived in Switzerland for many years. After completing his studies he made a name for himself by virtue of his long-standing and intensive involvement with Eastern music, especially the Yiddish. He came in contact with the tango through encounters with other musicians (e.g. Sureste Tango). He was a Pro Argovia artist in 2001/2002 (Sureste Tango).
Rolf Bürli of Aarau, Switzerland, studied the saxophone, clarinet, harmony and composition in Zurich and Hanover. He played the clarinet and saxophone in symphony orchestras up to his retirement, and today he works freelance on projects in the fields of chamber music and jazz. He is the initiator of SAXISMTANGO.


Marcela Arroyo              vocals
Marcelo Nisinman        bandoneón, composition, arrangements
Angel Garcia Arnés      guitar, arrangements
Javier Bezzato               piano
Hannes Giger               double bass
Maja Lisac Barroso     soprano and alto saxophone
Witek Kornacki              soprano saxophone and clarinet
Rolf Bürli                        tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, arrangements