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Saxismtango: Pasión Poética – Buenos Aires hora cero

Artists: Saxismtango

Title: Pasión Poética – buenos aires hora cero

Catalogue No.: SM 174

Release: 10.09.2012


The title of this SAXISMTANGO album is “Pasión poética” – poetic passion. The cosmopolitan ensemble’s passion is the tango, which the three musicians grew up with in Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

The group adds saxophones and clarinets to the traditional tango instruments bandoneón, guitar, piano and double bass. That creates a unique instrumental sound which largely bears the stylistic stamp of Marcelo Nisinman’s composition and arrangements. Tango songs authentically interpreted by the singer Marcela Arroyo represent another focal point in the album.

Marcelo Nisinman’s comments on his composition INSECTS & HUMANS TANGO (2010):

“The idea came to me one day as I was looking at an anthill at my feet. I realized that there is no major difference between them (the ants) and me, a simple human being.

“Where is the anthill? Below what do I see it? Or could we be part of a greater sub-anthill? Perhaps the only difference between what we call ants and people is the symbolism.

“And the insects began to dance, and music came into my mind, a new tango …”


Yira Yira 03:09 E.S. Discepolo
Buenos Aires 04:18 Astor Piazzolla
Ballada para un loco 04:59 Astor Piazzolla
Meditango 07:06 Astor Piazzolla
Maquillaje 03:31 Virgillio Expósito
Insects & Humans Tango 04:43 Marcelo Nisinman
Mi loco Bandoneon 04:47 Piazzolla/Ferrer
Tanguera 03:17 Astor Piazzolla
Romance de Barrio 04:01 Anibal Troilo
Sueño de barrilete 03:26 Eladia Blazquez
Jeanne et Paul 03:54 Astor Piazzolla
Soledad 04:08 Astor Piazzolla