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Marlis Petersen – Dimensionen Mensch & Lied (4 CD Box)

Artist: Marlis Petersen

Title: Dimensionen Mensch & Lied (4 CD-Box)

Catalogue No.: SM 350

Release: 16.10.2020


We humans live and move in dimensions. In the Here and Now as well as in the Inside, sometimes „beyond“ in other worlds and with a common vision hopefully also for a new world!

Four CDs invite you to wander through these spheres like a protagonist through different chapters of being. 

Carl Loewe, Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Richard Strauss, Hugo Wolf, Franz Liszt, but also Hans Sommer, Bruno Walter, Wilhelm Stenhammer, Reynaldo Hahn and many more are our musical companions for the journey into these dimensions and back to yourself. Be HUMAN again through the LIED

The Box with an extensive booklet contains 4 CDs:

Backcover & Playlist