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La Scintilla dei Fiati

The wind ensemble ‘La Scintilla dei Fiati’ is composed of members of Orchestra La Scintilla at Zurich Opera. Having devoted themselves for many years to performing the substantial repertoire for this instrumentation on modern instruments, their desire grew stronger to play these works on period instruments, and thereby to discover and to experience completely new aspects of the music.

Working with luminaries such as Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Thomas Hengelbrock and Giovanni Antonini, which sparked in all musicians a lively enthusiasm for period performance, together with the fact that all players dedicate a significant part of their working lives to chamber music, brought the members of this unique ensemble together.
Through their work, the ensemble aims to revive the extensive, partly neglected, yet wonderful repertoire of a musical form which had such a rich tradition in the courts of Europe in the late 18th century, and in doing so to conjure up the Zeitgeist of the period in the context of our modern world.