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Julius Berger – Birth of the Cello

Artists: Julius Berger

Title: Birth of the Cello

Catalogue No.: SM 112

Release: 03.09.2007


Earliest music for Violoncello solo played on the oldest Cello of the world (1566). The Ricercari of Domenico Gabrielli and Gianbattista Degli Antonii.

Few months after its birthday in Cremona before exactly 440 years, the cello was already integrated into the royal yard orchestra of the king Karl IV by France. From there on the traces of the cello lose themselves, probably changed it several times the owners and got over several wars, until it is again mentioned 1926 in an expert’s assessment. Many years later, the cello meets for the first time Julius Berger. The cello however gives only 20 years to Berger after the first meeting in the year 2004 a second chance. From then on the Cellist and educationalist explain its life search for „the correct “cello for completed, since he finally succeeded to find an instrument that finds with the sound directly the heart of the listeners. Already in the year 1986 Berger tried to convince its Japan manager at that time of a program with Ricercari’s from Gabrielli, without success. Since this time it studied again and again the music of Gabrielli and Antonii and made themselves his comments in the score. Finally, with the Asiagofestival 2006 he confronted the Ricercari of Gabrielli the Präludien of Sofia Gubaidulina. For it and its listener became this concert a fascinating experience. You will hear this also in on this record in a moving way. We hope the fact that the music of Gabrielli and Antonii experiences it finally after nearly 350 years being entitled value and that it many people the wealth reveals, which she gave also to Julius Berger and us.


01 Ricercata Nr. 1 – Gianbattista Degli Antonii
02 Ricercata Nr. 2 – Gianbattista Degli Antonii
03 Ricercata Nr. 3 – Gianbattista Degli Antonii
04 Ricercata Nr. 4 – Gianbattista Degli Antonii
05 Ricercata Nr. 5 – Gianbattista Degli Antonii
06 Ricercata Nr. 6 – Gianbattista Degli Antonii
07 Ricercata Nr. 7 – Gianbattista Degli Antonii
08 Ricercata Nr. 8 – Gianbattista Degli Antonii
09 Ricercata Nr. 9 – Gianbattista Degli Antonii
10 Ricercata Nr. 10 – Gianbattista Degli Antonii
11 Ricercata Nr. 11 – Gianbattista Degli Antonii
12 Ricercata Nr. 12 – Gianbattista Degli Antonii
13 Ricercar Nr. 1 – Domenico Gabrielli
14 Ricercar Nr. 1 – Domenico Gabrielli
15 Ricercar Nr. 1 – Domenico Gabrielli
16 Ricercar Nr. 1 – Domenico Gabrielli
17 Ricercar Nr. 1 – Domenico Gabrielli
18 Ricercar Nr. 1 – Domenico Gabrielli
19 Ricercar Nr. 1 – Domenico Gabrielli