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Höhenrieder & Berger – Beethoven: Complete works for piano and cello

Artists: Margarita Höhenrieder & Julius Berger

Title: Beethoven: Complete works for piano and cello (2 CDs)

Catalogue No.: SM 338

Release: 19.06.2020


“Who would I need to be to be able to talk about a man who is still growing…”   Adam Zagajewski: “The late Beethoven”

Margarita Höhenrieder and I have known it all our lives: the elucidations of Carl Czerny or Rudolf Kolisch, the latest Urtext editions that will lead us to “faithfulness to the text”, the disquisitions from Romain Rolland to Eleonore Büning – we read, we discuss, it all seems helpful and necessary. At the end of the day it is the mature individual, the serious exponent, who makes the decision led by the promptings of conscience, and who simultaneously senses this “growing” of which Zagajewski speaks. We climb a steep path, in order to approach Beethoven more closely. The summit of this path is visible, but not attainable. That is why we keep returning to this path, endless as it is. Beethoven lives in us, as he changes, as we change. Life aspires to art, art is a way forward, life is our way forward. Beethoven changes us through his “growth”. We grow with him!

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