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GinzelDuello – Violon2ello

Artists: GinzelDuello

Title: Violon2ello

Catalogue No.: SM 272

Release: 10.11.2017


Surely not many cellists are able to perform rare, original cello duets with their own father. The GinzelDuellohowever combines the professionalism and experience of father Reiner Ginzel (a professor at Munich’s University of Music) with the youthful freshness and creative spontaneity of young cellist and composer Hans-Henning Ginzel, some of whose remarkable arrangements can be heard on this CD. His takes on classics such as Bach’s famous Airand Debussy’s “Golliwogg’s Cakewalk” feature alongside less familiar 19th-century compositions by BernhardHeinrich Romberg and Sebastian Lee that are well worth discovering. This is an oeuvre rarely heard – an attractive programme of delights that no classical music lover can resist.


Sonate C-Dur op. 43, 2 Bernhard Romberg
1 Allegro poco maestoso 5:58
2 Andante pastorale 2:48
3 Allegretto scherzando 4:10
4 Greensleeves to a Ground (Variationen über ein altenglisches Lied) Anonymus 3:49
5 „Bolero“ op. 103, 4 Friedrich August Kummer der Jüngere 3:20
6 Air Johann Sebastian Bach 3:23
Duo g-moll op. 60, 6 Sebastian Lee
7 Allegro risoluto 4:07
8 Andante 1:38
9 Allegretto 1:50
10 Fünf Variationen über das Thema „Reich mir die Hand, mein Leben“ von W.A. Mozart Justus Johann Friedrich Dotzauer 6:18
11 Valse op. 34, Nr. 2 Frédéric Chopin 3:15
12 Golliwogg´s cake walk Claude Debussy 3:11
Zwei Bilder aus Epinal Peter Mieg
13 Le Silence des Colonnes („Die Stille der Säulen“) 1:15
14 Les Cascades artificielles („Die künstlichen Wasserfälle“) 0:42
Duett op. 53, 3 Jacques Offenbach
15 Tempo di marcia con variazioni, Adagio, Mouvment de Valse 9:28
16 „Salut d `amour“ Edward Elgar 2:41
17 „Ein Haydn-Spaß“ – Duell für zwei Cellisten Reiner Ginzel 3:16