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Et Arsis – Brahms | Vasks

Title: Vasks & Brahms: Piano Quartets

Catalogue No.: SM 248

Release: 30.09.2016


With its actual recording of Johannes Brahms Piano Quartet no. 1 in G minor (Op. 25), the Et Arsis Piano Quartet makes an independent, militant contribution to the discussion about the musical interpretation of Brahms.

The contemporary Latvian composer Peteris Vasks gives his music the experiences of his people during Soviet rule and transformation time_exp: With its unmistakable signature Et Arsis sets the bar high for the interpretation of Vasks’ sole piano quartet.


Quartet for Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Piano Peteris Vasks
1 I Preludio. Moderato 04:33 Peteris Vasks
2 II Danze. Allegro 06:18 Peteris Vasks
3 III Canti drammatici. Andante 06:52 Peteris Vasks
4 IV Quasi una passacaglia 08:28 Peteris Vasks
5 V Canto principale. Cantabile 09:04 Peteris Vasks
6 VI Postludio. Adagio 03:04 Peteris Vasks
Piano quartet No. 1 G-minor, op. 25 Johannes Brahms
7 Allegro 14:27 Johannes Brahms
8 Intermezzo. Allegro (ma non troppo) 08:05 Johannes Brahms
9 Andante con moto 09:41 Johannes Brahms
10 Rondo alla Zingarese. Presto 08:48 Johannes Brahms