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Entremont – Schubert Sonata N°21 D960

Title: Franz Schubert – Sonata N°21 D960

Catalogue No.: SM 276

Release: 19.01.2018


Born in Reims in 1934, Philippe Entremont is one of the most famous pianists and French orchestra conductors. The exceptional career of Philippe Entremont began at the age of eighteen when he came to the international attention with his great success at New York’s Carnegie Hall, playing Jolivet’s piano concerto and Liszt’s Piano Concerto No. 1. Since then, he has pursued a top international career as a pianist, and for the last 40 years on the podium as a conductor as well. Phillipe Entremont is one of the most recorded artists of all time, he has appeared on many labels, including CBS, Sony, Teldec and Harmonia Mundi, and has garnered all of the leading prizes and awards in the industry. In 2014 Sony Music issued a boxset of 19 CDs of all piano concerts he played under the direction of Eugene Ormandy, Leonard Bernstein, Seiji Ozawa – to name a few…
For more than half a century Philipe Entremont has been thinking of Schubert Sonata No 21 D960 – this work is considerably haunting and captivating, in its simplicity it is very difficult too. The desire of recording it came later to him, much later, toward 2009, but it was still too early to record. This wonderful sonata has never left his mind and has had a home in his piano, and will remain there until the end… His thoughts about recording the Schubert fantasy for 4 hands was an immediate choice on his part. Like the Sonata D960 it is an absolute masterpiece. It was written about at the same time as the sonata and just a few months before the death of the composer, it is like a sonata in one movement.
It is very hard to find words to describe the beauty of such a masterpiece. To listen you have to close your eyes and let yourself be invaded by the incredible power of its enchantment.Schubert is so grand! (Philippe Entremont)


SONATA N°21 D960
en si bémol majeur / B flat major. Sept. 1828
Philippe Entremont
1 Molto Moderato 21:11 Philippe Entremont
2 Andante sostenuto 10:42 Philippe Entremont
3 Scherzo Allegro vivace con delicatezza 4:27 Philippe Entremont
4 Allegro, ma non troppo 8:22 Philippe Entremont
en fa mineur / F minor. Mai 1828
18:41 Philippe Entremont, Gen Tomuro
Allegro molto moderato Philippe Entremont, Gen Tomuro
Largo Philippe Entremont, Gen Tomuro
Scherzo. Allegro vivace Philippe Entremont, Gen Tomuro
Finale. Allegro molto moderato Philippe Entremont, Gen Tomuro
MARCHE MILITAIRE n°1 pour piano à quatre mains D733
en ré majeur / D major.
Philippe Entremont, Gen Tomuro
6 MARCHE MILITAIRE n°1 pour piano à quatre mains D733 en ré majeur / D major 5:16 Philippe Entremont, Gen Tomuro