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Ensemble Raro – Rhapsodie Roumaine

Artists: Ensemble Raro

Title: Rhapsodie Roumaine

Catalogue No.: SM277

Release: 26.01.2018


Rhapsodie Roumaine is a musical canvas for the imagination.

This recording features two emblematic works by the Romanian Grandmaster George Enescu. The Romanian Rhapsody No.1 is presented in a new Piano Quartet arrangement by Thomas Wally, commissioned by the Ensemble Raro. The enigmatic violinist Gilles Apap together with the pianist Diana Ketler perform arguably Enescu’s greatest masterpiece, the Third Sonata for Violin and Piano „dans le caractère populaire roumain“, a work of extreme beauty and intensity.

Béla Bartók’s ever popular Six Romanian Dances for Violin and Piano and a selection from his Violin Duos, performed here on two violas, capture the unique and compelling spirit of the Romanian traditional folk music.
Enescu’s recently rediscovered Nocturne Ville d’Avrayen for Piano Quartet is a souvenir of the composer’s lifelong friendship with his student, the great Yehudy Menuhin.

The violinists Gilles Apap and Alexander Sitkovetsky, the violists Razvan Popovici and Christian Nas, the cellist Bernhard Naoki Hedenborg and the pianist Diana Ketler transport the listener to the multi-layered world of the Romanian musical landscape, where joy and melancholy are inseparable and heaven is to be found both under the feet and over the head.


Rhapsodie Roumaine No. 1 in A major, Op.11 Ensemble Raro
1 Rhapsodie Roumaine No. 1 in A major, Op.11 12:51
An Evening in the Village for Violin and Piano Diana Ketler, Gilles Apap
2 An Evening in the Village for Violin and Piano 2:42
Sonata No. 3 for Violin and Piano in A minor, Op.25 “dans le caractère populaire roumain” Diana Ketler, Gilles Apap
3 Moderato malinconico 8:10
4 Andante sostenuto e misterioso 8:01
5 Allegro con brio, ma non troppo mosso 7:54
From 44 Duos for Two Violins, Sz.98, arranged for two Violas by Peter Bartók Ensemble Raro
6 21. Colinda I / New Year’s Greeting I 2:07
7 44. Ardeleana / Transylvanian Dance 1:46
8 7. Dans Valah I / Walachian Dance I 0:46
9 40. Dans Valah II / Walachian Dance II 0:45
10 32. Dans maramuresean / Dance from Maramures 0:39
11 38. Invârtita batrânilor / Romanian Whirling Dance 0:42
12 29. Colinda II / New Year’s Greeting II 0:42
13 31. Colinda III / New Year’s Greeting III 0:41
Romanian Folk Dances, Sz.56  arranged for Violin and Piano Diana Ketler, Gilles Apap
14 I. Joc cu bata. Allegro moderato 1:28
15 II. Braul. Allegro 0:40
16 III. Pê-loc. Andante 1:31
17 IV. Buciumeana. Moderato 1:39
18 V. Poarga romaneasca. Allegro 0:28
19 VI. Maruntel. Allegro 0:56
Nocturne Ville d’Avrayen for Piano Quartet Ensemble Raro
20 Nocturne Ville d’Avrayen for Piano Quartet 5:56