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Benjamin Engeli – Beethoven Klaviersonaten

Artists: Benjamin Engeli

Title: Beethoven Klaviersonaten

Catalogue No.: Sm 141

Release: 18.10.2010


Since 2003, Benjamin Engeli is besides his solo career a founding member of the famous Tecchler Trio, which is one of today’s leading chamber music ensembles. Being the 1st Prize winner at the International ARD Music Competition in Munich 2007, they have been performing in venues such as Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Wigmore Hall London, Tchaikovsky Conservatory Moscow, Herkulessaal Munich, Konzerthaus Vienna or Tonhalle Zurich and have conducted numerous radio- and CD-recordings. Engeli is also one out of the 4 pianists of the Gershwin Piano Quartet. The new solo CD was recorded in October 2009 at the Rolston Recital Hall, The Banff Centre, in Canada. Engeli moved there for half a year to fully concentrate in the solitude of the forests on these recordings. These sonatas require a high degree of playful skill.

For example the Sonata op. 106:

“After only a few lines, we become aware that not only does this work distinguish itself from all the Master’s other creations by the wealth and grandeur of its invention, but it can be said to herald a new era in his piano compositions.“It was with these words that the Sonata Op 106 was introduced to the world; and indeed it is one of the weightiest and most complex of all works for the piano. Its title “Hammerklavier“ can hardly refer to the rather puny pianoforte Beethoven had at his disposal in the 1820`s, but is rather a testament to the works penetrating power. Th perfection of structure and profundity of expression have seldom if ever been matched. Beethoven himself declared it to be “the greatest work I have as yet written“ and, commenting on the difficulties added “I have given the pianists a sonata which will keep them more than busy, so that it will still be played in 50 years from now!“


Sonata No.11 B-flat major Op.22 – Ludwig van Beethoven
01 Allegro con brio
02 Adagio con molto espressione
03 Menuetto
04 Rondo: Allegretto

Sonata No. 24 F sharp major Op.78 – Ludwig van Beethoven

05 Adagio cantabile – Allegro non troppo
06 Allegro vivace

Sonata No.29 B flat major Op.106 „Grosse Sonate für das Hammerklavier“ – Ludwig van Beethoven
07 Allegro
08 Scherzo: Assai vivace
09 Adagio sostenuto, appassionato e con molto sentimento
10 Largo – Allegro risoluto