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Arta Arnicane – Aqua

Artists: Arta Arnicane

Title: Aqua

Catalogue No.: SM 262

Release: 09.06.2017


Water, in all its myriad of moods. Just imagine…
…the sea, waves reflecting the shimmering silver and gold of the sun’s rays; a babbling brook, its bed bejewelled with iridescent stones; deep water radiating a soft, serene, blue light; raindrops falling from a pallid sky like tears shed by a heart rent with sorrow…
The young Latvian pianist, Arta Arnicane, lends all this to your grand piano. With works by Chopin, Debussy, Grieg, Liszt and Ravel as well as Berio, Ķepītis and Žilinskis and more.
Communication with the audience, as well as talent for creating a special concert atmosphere have taken the young Latvian pianist Arta Arnicane to a large variety of performance venues across the world. Her quality of winning listeners’ full attention, combined with the warmth and intelligence of her programmes and interpretations, allows her to fascinate both small gatherings and large audiences in concert halls such as the Rudolfinum, Prague and the Zurich Tonhalle.


Track Individual Titel Duration
1 Près de la mer (Pie jūras) 5:02
2 Jeux d’eau 5:37
3 By the Stream (Pie strauta) 1:31
4 Barcarole 3:26
5 Une barque sur l’océan from “Miroirs” 8:10
6 Silver Rain was falling – folk song arrangement (Sidrabiņa lietiņš lija) 0:46
7 Au bord d’une source 3:42
8 Waterfall of Pērse (Pērses ūdenskritums) 2:08
9 Song of the Waves (Viļņu dziesma) 3:26
10 Reflets dans l’eau from “Images I” 5:43
11 Poissons d’or from “Images II” 3:52
12 Wasserklavier 2:56
13 Brooklet from “Lyrical Pieces” Op.62 No.4 1:39
14 La cathédrale engloutie 6:18
15 Barcarole (Auf dem Wasser zu Singen) 4:23
16 Raindrop Prelude Op.28 No.15 in D flat major 5:45