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Alicja Smietana – Works by Bach, Gould, Previn, Pärt

Artists: Alicja Smietana

Title: Works by Bach, Gould, Previn, Pärt

Catalogue No.: SM 176

Release: 15.10.2012


At first sight it is quite unlikely to consider the four composers presented to you here as strongly connected. Different places, different times, different backgrounds and different composing techniques should be enough to mean that in fact they have very little or nothing in common. For me though it is much more than a mere presentation of different sides and faces of “classical”music. These are variations on the subject of my most precious inspirations and the music that I have most loved from as early as I can remember. It is all filled with various paradoxes and contradictions but deep down it remains very consistent.
All of the composers presented to you here are very strongly connected by a masterful organization of the sound material, their multi-instrumental approach and very far-reaching independence from colouristic conditions that offer unlimited possibilities to both performers and listeners.It is not important though how much information about the pieces of music there is “available”.
Born in 1983 in Krakow, Poland Alicja Smietana performs works from Bach to Contemporary music with – what was described by San Francisco Chronicle as – “Extraordinary brilliance and sensibility…”. Winner of numerous competitions and awards (including First Prize at the Israeli International Competition, Brahms Society Award and support from sir Georg Solti Foundation) Alicja studied at the Krakow Academy of Music in Poland with Mieczyslaw Szlezer and later on moved to study at the Kronberg Academy in Germany with Christian Tetzlaff and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London with David Takeno, Ofer Falk and Sven-Arne Tepl on viola.


 “Two Little Serenades” (for Itzhak Perlman) Andre Previn
Noah 04:48
Naava 05:22
“Sonata for violin and piano” (arrangement for violin by Alicja Smietana) Glenn Gould
Moderato 02:03
Vivace – Fuga 03:44
Largo 03:10
“Partita in d-minor BWV 1004” Johann Sebastian Bach
Allemanda 05:06
Corrente 02:34
Sarabanda 04:08
Giga 03:48
Ciaccona 14:24
“Spiegel im Spiegel” Arvo Pärt
“Spiegel im Spiegel” 09:56
Total 0:58:09