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Absolut Trio – Wahlverwandtschaften

Artists: Absolut Trio

Title: Wahlverwandtschaften – Werke von Schubert, Schumann, Andreae, Käser und Lee

Catalogue No.: SM 180

Release: 18.02.2013


The German term Wahlverwandtschaften “elective affinities” was originally used to describe the tendency of chemical substances to separate from their original compound to combine with elements of another compound. Goethe adapted it in referring allegorically to the fate of the two couples dealt with in his 1809 novel of the same name.

The works presented on this CD are grouped in accordance with the idea of elective affinities. Several of the pieces are removed from their original contexts: the movements from Schubert’s Trios in B flat major and E flat major from their place in the composer’s oeuvre, the two transcriptions of Schumann’s vocal duets from their respective collections. Now they enclose contemporary works: Mischa Käser’s Piano Trio and Junghae Lee’s Sonorletten.

Three experienced and enthusiastic chamber musicians came together in 2003 to form the Absolut Trio.

Since 2009 the ensemble has consisted of Bettina Boller violin, Judith Gerster cello and Stefka Perifanova piano.

Artistic involvement with contemporary music is of prime importance for the three musicians of the Absolut Trio, which is why they commission works at regular intervals. Eight weighty works for piano trio (some with live electronics) have come into being in that way and they are integrated into richly evocative programmes as trouvailles and rare items that deserve to be exposed to the light of day.


Volkmar Andreae
Trio f-moll für Klavier, Violine und Violoncello, op. 1Franz Schubert
Andante un poco moderato aus dem Klaviertrio op. 99Mischa Käser
Klaviertrio Nr. 1Franz Schubert
Andante con moto aus dem Klaviertrio op. 100

Robert Schumann
Liebhabers Ständchen, op. 34,2 bearb. für Klaviertrio

Junghae Lee
Sonorletten für Klaviertrio und Elektronik