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Viktoria Kaunzner – Ja(zz)smine Rice Violin Mysteries

Title: Ja(zz)smine Rice Violin Mysteries

Catalogue No.: SM 220

Release: 23.03.2015


So far, Viktoria Kaunzner’s career as a violinist has taken her to Asia, to South Korea, her present adopted home. The album, featuring classical repertoire, improvisations and pieces written by Kaunzner and recorded in Germany and South Korea between 2011 and 2015, and enhanced with recited lyrics.
The Swiss jazz saxophonist, flautist and composer of jazz and classical music, Daniel Schnyder (b. 1961) and Viktoria Kaunzner had a “funny, crazy” musical encounter in a jazz club/pizzeria in Seoul in the autumn of 2014. It was all about his work “The four winds” for violin solo (2008), in which he endeavours to “capture various points of the compass”. Musicians travel from all over the world to different locations in order to make music: “air and wind transport music”. The Greek wind gods, the Anemoi, are descended from the Titan Astraeus, god of twilight, and from Eos (Aurorato the Romans), goddess of the dawn.
You will experience an utterly different atmosphere in the music of the Polish composer, pianist and music theoretician Krzysztof Meyer (b. 1943), once a student of Krzysztof Penderecki, Nadia Boulanger and a friend of Dmitri Shostakovich. The “Misterioso” for violin and piano op. 83 (1994) is a complex conglomerate of intervals that unfolds, with the individual parts in clear contrary motion, out of a subtle sound mobile at the beginning, leading to an intensive dialogue between both instruments. The music leads into a sort of polyrhythmic Sprechgesang of the instruments culminating in a morendo.
In 2009 Professor Violeta Dinescu (b. 1953), a composer who teaches in Oldenburg, sent Viktoria Kaunzner the sheet music of “Mâtram” for violin solo (1986). In 2011 it was her privilege to premiere the work in her presence in Berlin. Violeta Dinescu’s music is always inspirational for its lively, clear and finely traced signature. From it emerges a profound sense of nature and a “sensitively stimulating and creative freedom of interpretation”.


Daniel Schnyder
„The four winds“ for violin soloKrzysztof Meyer
„Misterioso“ für Violine & Klavier, Op. 83Viktoria Kaunzner
„Wintersonnenwende“ for Violin, Viola & 12 Voices ad lib.
„Trois Nocturnes“ pour violon et piano
„Jasmine Rice“ for violin & piano

Violeta Dinescu
„Mâtram“ für Violine solo – (World Premiere Recording)

Johann Sebastian Bach
„Ciaccona“ aus der Partita Nr. 2, d – moll für Violine solo