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Taschenphilharmonie – Peter Stangel Kompositionen 2006-2015

Title: Kompositionen 2006 – 2015

Catalogue No.: ETP001

Release: 29.01.2016



The Pocket Philharmonic Orchestra‘sprevious 18-CD series, „Great music for small listeners,“ has sold over 300,000 copies to date. Produced in collaboration with the renowned newspaper die Zeit, Sony Classic and the audio publishing house Hörverlag, the series received a nomination for the ECHO Classic Award, and won both the Leopold Media Prize and the German Record Award. With its eponymous record label, the „smallest symphony orchestra of the world“ further establishes itself as a truly unique ensemble, performing traditionally large-scale orchestral pieces with creative orchestration, crystal clear sound, and vivid, life-like production.

The „edition taschenphilharmonie“ will present both studio productions and live recordings of the Ensemble. Of particular interest is the recording of all Beethoven symphonies. Each will be supplemented by a „Listener’s Academy“ commentary based on the fan-favorite „Listener’s Academy“ concert series which sell out regularly in Munich. In each commentary, the conductor explains the masterpiece of interest, setting each into the context of its era and notes special features of the piece that make it so significant and time-honored.

In addition, the Pocket Philharmonic’s CD repertoire will release novelties, such as the world premiere of Mahler’s gigantic 7. symphony in chamber version, as well as expand on classic favorites. The children’s series will not only be continued but also offered in the English language.

The Pocket Philharmonie’s mission is to bring classical music into a closer and more intimate setting with its listeners, whether children or adults. After all, the most important thing is the music!


Titel Zeit Komponist/Sprecher
Lilith-Concerto 1. Der Traum 03:13 Peter Stangel
Lilith-Concerto 2. Die Verbannung 05:28 Peter Stangel
Lilith-Concerto 3. Der Dämon 03:06 Peter Stangel
Lilith-Concerto 4. Die Klage 03:27 Peter Stangel
Dribbelkonzert (Dribbling) 05:25 Peter Stangel
Jean Paul “Rede des toten Christus vom Weltgebäude herab” 21:51 Peter Stangel/Dominik Wilgenbus
Cabaret Voltaire 1. Ouvertüre 02:11 Peter Stangel
Cabaret Voltaire 2. “So sterben wir, wir sterben alle Tage” 01:14 Peter Stangel
Cabaret Voltaire 3. Entr’act zum 2. Aufzug 01:01 Peter Stangel
Cabaret Voltaire 4. “Satie” 03:05 Peter Stangel
Cabaret Voltaire 5. Finale des 2. Aktes, Grand Valse 05:59 Peter Stangel
Cabaret Voltaire 6. Arie von Monique-Fleur: “Wenn ich nur wüsst, wer du wirklich bist” 01:15 Peter Stangel
Cabaret Voltaire 7. Arie des Pedroso: “Kann sie mir je verzeih´n?” 02:04 Peter Stangel
Cabaret Voltaire 8. Finale: Auftritt der Dadaisten – “Ob in Cabaret, Kunst oder Leben” 01:53 Peter Stangel
Le fiacre du printemps (Cembalokonzert) 1. Tempo giusto 06:36 Peter Stangel
Le fiacre du printemps (Cembalokonzert) 2. Blues 02:30 Peter Stangel
Le fiacre du printemps (Cembalokonzert) 3. Capriccio 02:21 Peter Stangel
Le fiacre du printemps (Cembalokonzert) 4. Le fiacre du printemps 02:37 Peter Stangel