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Peter Horton & Slava Kantcheff – Moving Spirit

Artists: Peter Horton & Slava Kantcheff

Title: Moving Spirit (digital album)

Catalogue No.: SM 346

Release: 08.05.2020


Rhythm is a basic fabric into which chords and melodies of life are woven. It is an elixir of joy and symbolizes a condensation of the mind in sensually
experiencable forms – as life and matter are.
The music is determined by large melodic arcs, which are harmoniously embedded in an orchestral landscape. The fascination of crystals is at work – their rhythm of geometry, light and density. Are they data storage of billions of years of mineral evolution, mysterious switching points of intelligent solar power? Or just witnesses of the beauty from the warm belly of the earth?

In any case, contemplation and silence in the middle of a changing world…