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Merel Quartet / Castalian String Quartet – Mendelssohn Octet & Quartet

Artist: Merel Quartet / Castalian String Quartet

Title:  Mendelssohn Octet & Quartet

Catalogue No.: SM 293

Release: 20.09.2019

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“From the Merel Quartet‘s inception, the music of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy has played an important role in our repertoire. We find it fascinating how he achieves his own musical language in his string quartet writing, even in his earliest works in that genre. Clearly he is influenced by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, nevertheless, from the very first measures of his quartet Op 12 it is his own voice, his own unique sound which we hear. We feel extremely fortunate to have met the young English foursome with whom we recorded Mendelssohn’s octet: the Castalian String Quartet. It is very rare indeed to find such a close musical affinity between two ensembles and working with them was extremely rewarding. The idea for this recording was born during our performance of the octet at the chamber music festival “Zwischentöne“ in Engelberg in October 2017.”

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