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Marlis Petersen: Dimensionen – Innenwelt (Innerworld)

Artists: Marlis Petersen / Stephan Matthias Lademann

Title: Dimensionen Innenwelt

Catalogue No.: SM 316

Release: 20.09.2019


With the CD “Innerworld”, the last part of her trilogy „Dimensionen“ (dimensions), Marlis Petersen takes us from the here and now into the mysterious realm of visions and dreams, into the subconscious of the soul, into the night, where thoughts, wishes and feelings arise. Night and dreamsInner movementSalvation and homecoming are the stations of the songs. In addition to some composers of the other CDs, the listener now also finds French masters, with their very own “mouvement intérieur”. Richard Strauss is finally entering the trilogy, combined with a premiere, the new arrangement of the third of his “Four Last Songs” by Gregor Hübner.

Beginning with Schubert, the composer’s arc spans well into the 20th century, and it is worth to rediscover some of them completely new. The musical journey leads us into the hidden worlds of existence, directly into the workshop of the soul.

Backcover & Playlist