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Marlis Petersen: Dimensionen – Anderswelt (Otherworld)

Artists: Marlis Petersen & Camillo Radicke

Title: Anderswelt

Catalogue No.: SM 294

Release: 19.10.2018



The human being rooted in the world that sees only what the eye can see…
Does he at once dare a glance to the side where nature, spirits and elemental beings reside? Not many of us have kept the ability to view them and get in contact.

Part II of the Dimension Trilogy offers you after the “World” CD the ‘Otherworldly’ eye from the early Romantic period up to the classical modernism, including the Northern countries (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland), and now hope you allow
yourself to be “lost to the world”…

Plunge into the magical world of twilight – populated with elemental spirits, elves, waterlilies, nymphs and merman. The creatures of the unseen are the protagonists of this classical song CD and tempt the listener into their legendary realms.
Carl Loewe, Johannes Brahms, Max Reger, Nikolai Medtner, Hugo Wolf, Alexander Zemlinsky, Franz Schreker, Hans Sommer and many more engaged themselve in this mystic world and set it in music in a very sensual and playful way!

Backcover & Playlist