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Marcela Arroyo & Julio Azcano – New Tango Songbook

Title: New Tango Songbook

Catalogue No.: 88843021572

Release: 14.02.2014


The songs of Astor Piazzolla

The great argentine composer changed forever the sound of Buenos Aires and brought a contemporary tango with jazz’s elements to the world.
The songs he wrote, mostly inspired by literary luminaries like Jorge Luis Borges, Pablo Neruda or Julio Cortázar; represent a genuine treasure of the XX Century song writing. The argentines Marcela Arroyo (voice) and Julio Azcano (guitar) pick up these hidden jewels and give the timeless dialogue between voice and guitar a new light. Fine and precise arrangements meet a sensual repertoire.

Julio Azcano Different paths converge in the acoustic palette of Julio Azcano: the refining of his classic technique at his homeland Argentina, an intense activity in improvisation and composition projects in Europe and a nourished performing activity that includes concerts through Argentina, Europa and the USA. Julio’s playing was registered in several opportunities on Radio and TV broadcastings and CDs recordings, including the album from South America renowned Guitar Festival “Guitarras del Mundo” and the international broadcasting of an acclaimed concert by “Guitar City 2008” in Poland.

Buenos Aires-born tango singer Marcela Arroyo’s unique voice – sensuous and warm – is utterly captivating. A student of the Manuel de Falla Conservatory and Julio Bocca School of Musical Theater, she went on to perfect her skills under greats such as Anibal Arias, Leda Valladares, Hilda Herrera and Juan Manuel Miró.


Milonga de la anunciación Astor Piazzolla / Horacio Ferrer
Milonga carrieguera Astor Piazzolla / Horacio Ferrer
Jacinto Chiclana Astor Piazzolla / Jorge Luis Borges
Las rosas golondrinas Astor Piazzolla / Homero Expósito
Alguien le dice al tango Astor Piazzolla / Jorge Luis Borges
Por siempre gris Astor Piazzolla / Federico Silva
El títere Astor Piazzolla / Jorge Luis Borges
La vida pequeña Astor Piazzolla / Homero Expósito
Poema valseado Astor Piazzolla / Horacio Ferrer
A Don Nicanor Paredes Astor Piazzolla / Jorge Luis Borges
La misma pena Astor Piazzolla / Homero Expósito