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Josef Hofbauer – My Favorite Trumpet Concertos

Artists: Josef Hofbauer

Title: My Favorite Trumpet Concertos

Catalogue No.: SM 234

Release: 04.03.2016


The most famous trumpet concertos interpreted by an Austrian soloist and a Viennese Orchestra. Josef Hofbauer is the first Austrian trumpeter in 20 years to record the great works for trumpet on a CD. He is accompanied by the Schönbrunn Festival Orchestra and its Principal conductor Guido Mancusi.

“With this CD I devote myself to a journey with the Schönbrunn Festival Orchestra. A journey through various music genres and their trumpet concertos. It is also a journey through my past…. Each concerto we recorded for this CD has its own story in my past – thus My Favourite Trumpet Concertos” – Josef Hofbauer


Concerto for Trumpet & Orchestra
Alexander Harutyunyan
1 I. Andante 08:30 Alexander Harutyunyan
2 II. Meno Mosso 03:10 Alexander Harutyunyan
3 III. Tempo I 02:44 Alexander Harutyunyan
Concerto for Trumpet & Strings
Robert Planel
4 I. Largement – Animè et bien rythmè 04:42 Robert Planel
5 II. Lent et très calme 04:30 Robert Planel
6 III. Vivace – Gai et lèger 05:26 Robert Planel
Concerto for Trumpet & Strings in D Major
Giuseppe Torelli 
7 I. Allegro 02:00 Giuseppe Torelli
8 II. Adagio – Presto – Adagio 02:30 Giuseppe Torelli
9 III. Allegro 02:06 Giuseppe Torelli
Concerto for Trumpet & Strings in E flat Major
Jan Krtitel Jiri Neruda 
10 I. Allegro 05:20 Jan Krtitel Jiri Neruda
11 II. Largo 04:32 Jan Krtitel Jiri Neruda
12 III. Vivace 04:36 Jan Krtitel Jiri Neruda
Concerto for Trumpet & Orchestra in E flat Major
Joseph Haydn 
13 I. Allegro 06:26 Joseph Haydn
14 II. Andante 03:27 Joseph Haydn
15 III. Allegro Rondo 04:49 Joseph Haydn
16 Libertango (Arrangement: Guido Mancusi) 05:02 Astor Piazzolla
17 Gabriel’s Oboe 03:11 Ennio Morricone