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Jens Peter Maintz – Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt: Cello Duello

Title: Cello Duello

Catalogue No.: SM 146

Release: 15.11.2010


In 2011, Cello Duello will celebrate its 20 years on stage. Jens Peter Maintz and Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt studied together in the class of Prof. David Geringas in Lübeck, Germany. Finding of necessity, for a marathon concert of a master class by a teacher, a closure piece, machined, the duo of Paganini Moses Fantasy – the birth of Cello Duello!

Cello Duello a highly entertaining and yet artistically demanding concert schedule presents original compositions from the Baroque and early classical works on various highly romantic Cello-virtuosos or mostly cello-playing composers such as David Popper and Jacques Offenbach, to commissioned works about by Jan Müller-Wieland. In addition, own arrangements are a central program content. The remaining three, for example, arrangements of Paganini’s Moses Fantasy and the famous Passacaglia by Handel-Halvorsen for two cellos from the Duello – pen.

2011 Cello Duello will go with two double concertos on tour – the Double Concerto and a Cello Duello Julius Klengel dedicated new cello concerto by Soren Nils Eichberg.


01 Passacaglia (arr. Cello Duello) – Händel Halvorsen

Duett in D Hob. X:11 und XII:3+5 – Joseph Haydn

02 Moderato
03 Menuet
04 Adagio
05 Finale:Presto

Sonate für zwei Violoncelli – Müller-Wieland
06 Celeramente
07 Adagino
08 Vivente

Sonate in G – Jean-Baptiste Barrière
09 Andante
10 Adagio
11 Allegro Prestissimo

Duo E-Dur op. 54 – Jacques Offenbach
12 Allegro
13 Andante
14 Polonaise

Moses-Fantasie – Niccolò Paganini
15 Mosesfantasie (arr. Cello Duello)

16 The Man with the Harmonica (Once upon a time in the west) – Ennio Morricone