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Elena Mosuc – Verdi Heroines

Artist: Elena Moșuc

Title: Verdi Heroines

Catalogue No.: SM 279

Release: 27.04.2018


Although Elena Moşuc is first and foremost a bel canto specialist and performer of various Mozart heroines for dramatic coloratura soprano, it must be noted that Giuseppe Verdi’s stage works have always been an integral part of her repertoire and will play an even more prominent part of it in the future. Since Maria Callas these roles are sung with heavier and above all dramatic voices. Nowadays this is considered common property. However, one should always keep in mind that these roles – in terms of requirements and stylistics – can not be separated from the era of bel canto and even in Verdi’s times were sung or composed explicitly by leading bel canto primadonnas for these types of voices ,

Elena Moşuc began her brilliant international career at the Zurich Opera House. Guest appearances take place at the most important houses and festivals in the world (including the opera houses of Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Hamburg, Milan, Munich, Vienna, Salzburg, Paris, London, Helsinki, Rome, Venice, Verona) as well as in the USA at the MET, in Japan, China and Korea.