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Taschenphilharmonie – Beethoven Revisited Symphonies 1-9

Title: Beethoven Revisited Symphonies 1-9

Catalogue No.: ETP010 – 6 CD Box

Release: 09.02.2018


This is an extraordinary journey through the most preeminent of classical symphonies. With an ensemble of only 12-16 top-quality musicians, the Pocket Philharmonic Orchestra explores Beethoven’s musical origins.

All the great conductors and orchestras have shown where Beethoven led:  how his ideas paved the way for later masters like Schumann, Bruckner and Mahler. What hasn’t been shown yet is where Beethoven was: where his musical language came from, how he shifted standards and developed techniques in a completely new and revolutionary way.

The Pocket Philharmonic has a new approach to this idea: instead of a full chamber or symphony orchestra, the ensemble performs as a chamber ensemble in a symphonic manner – symphonic chamber music, or chamber music symphonies, so to speak.
“This is the most vivid performance of the Eroica you have ever heard” said the critics. “It makes the revolution in his music audible. 

“An outstanding listening experience.”