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Casal Quartett – Tango Sensations

Artists: Casal Quartett

Title: Tango Sensations

Catalogue No.: SM 106

Release: 08.12.2006


Due to economic rather than artistic reasons, the modern concert-business opens its doors more and more to socalled crossover-projects. This display of music`s universal coherence sometimes looks rather forced or superficial. Some love the idea and tend to go to concerts more often, whereas purists stay at home.

Few genres in music tend to be as traditional and conservative as the string quartet. Its repertoire is vast and features music of all styles since the 17th century. The core-repertoire from Haydn, Beethoven through to Bartók and Schostakowitsch dominates the stage. Unfortunately we still meet producers who stubbornly reject an expansion of the repertoire and refuse contemporary music or even a new idea of how to play a Haydn quartet today. We believe that the versatility of stringquartet music will save the genre from a premature fate. One lifetime is too short to play everything that has been written for quartet. So if we play, it should be the music that appeals to us most, if it be a fourvoice invention of the renaissance, late Beethoven, Erwin Schulhoff or Astor Piazzolla. Those who look at Piazzolla`s life and compositions closely without just listening to his »hits«, will be amazed what a rollercoaster ride he went through. He grew up with jazz; the traditional tango fed him for a long time. With Alberto Ginastera he conquered classical and new music and left Argentinia and finally, the composer Nadja Boulanger led him to his destiny to give the tango a new definition.

As with any good music, the result had to go through a time of evolvement that certainly has not come to an end yet. Encounters with the Argentinian musicians Giora Feidman (clarinet) and Michael Zisman (bandoneon) have helped us to understand tango as a »foreign« culture much better. We hope that every listener will feel this inspiration on this CD. Michael Zisman recorded with us those »Tango Sensations«, that seemed specially important to Piazzolla. They sound different from what we normaly expect from him. They are intimate, vulnerable, uniquely his, painful, sometimes angry. They are always the work of a great composer who honestly shows what he feels.


01  Butcher’s Death – Astor Piazzolla
02  C est I`Amour – Astor Piazzolla
03  Michelangelo – Astor Piazzolla
04  Milonga del Angel – Astor Piazzolla
05  Fuga – Astor Piazzolla
06  La Ultima Grela – Astor Piazzolla
07  Oblivion – Astor Piazzolla
08  Escualo – Astor Piazzolla
09  Lo que vendra – Astor Piazzolla
10  La Casita de mis Viejos – Astor Piazzolla
11  Loca Bohemia – Astor Piazzolla
12  Asleep – Astor Piazzolla
13  Loving – Astor Piazzolla
14  Anxiety – Astor Piazzolla
15  Despertar – Astor Piazzolla
16  Fear – Astor Piazzolla
17  Chiliquin de Bachin/Ballada para un Loco – Astor Piazzolla