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Yury Kunets – Dedication

Artists: Yury Kunets

Title: Dedication – Symphonic Music

Catalogue No.: SM 259

Release: 17.03.2017


Yury Kunets (*1957) is a Russian composer, musician, and producer.
Kunets began composing while studying in a public school. From the late 80ies on he wrote lots of songs for different bands and solo artists. From 2004 Yury was involved in several musical TV projects as a producer. Along with author and director Maxim Kapitanovsky, he created two music films: Blame it all on the Beatles (›Rossiya‹ state TV channel) and Don’t Shoot The Musicians (2007).

By 2011 Yury Kunets had accumulated a considerable repertoire of instrumental pieces. In collaboration with award-winning American conductor Lee Holdridge (two Grammys and eight Emmys) and British recording producer Christopher Alder (ten Grammys), Yury began recording a series of symphonic music works. In 2011 the first pieces were recorded in Wroclaw with the Wroclaw Score Orchestra. After receiving positive reactions, Yury decided to continue recording with Holdridge and Alder. By the end of 2014 he had recorded several new compositions in Warsaw.
Yury Kunets’ music combines elements of classical music, jazz and pop music. In his symphonic compositions melody and romance work to reflect the author’s inner energies.

Yury Kunets: »The music itself exhibits a very lyrical character, through which I was trying to convey my own understanding of life and my state of mind. It’s the result, so to speak, of my philosophical reflections, little stories about our being surrounded by nature, which is intimately connected in turn with our own emotional lives…«.


1 Autumn 3:16
2 Romance 3:33
3 Fairy Lake 2:45
4 Waltz 4:04
5 Alster 3:49
6 March 2:40
7 Thoughts 3:29
8 Requiem 5:25
9 P.S. Afterwards 3:31
10 Triumph 2:36
11 Elegy 3:44
12 Taisia 5:17
13 Dance 3:00
14 My Origin 3:53
15 Nature 5:04
16 Night City 3:44