Praetorius Quartett / Marteau Quartett: Henri Marteau Vol. 3

Artists: Praetorius Quartett / Marteau Quartett

Title: Henri Marteau Klarinettenquintett Op. 13 – Streichquartett Op. 9

Catalogue No.: SM 282

Release: 17.08.2018


Marteau’s Clarinet Quintet Op. 13, composed in 1906, is still the best-known and most popular composition of the world-famous violin virtuoso. Like his teacher Mozart, Marteau perfects the melodic richness and smooth flow of harmony through the soft-sounding A clarinet and four string instruments. As a reminiscence of the original father of the string quartet Joseph Haydn from the same year of origin 1906 we hear the string quartet No. 2 op. 9 on this CD. The Praetorius Quartet consists of musicians of the Bavarian State Orchestra. David Schultheiß, the first concertmaster on the violin and as a soloist the well-known clarinetist Andreas Schablas. Also named after the composer, the Marteau Quartet consists to a large extent of musicians of the Bavarian State Orchestra.

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