No-Ce – Illusion

Artists: No-Ce

Title: Illusion

Catalogue No.: SM227

Release: 18.09.2015


After “no-ce.chansons.noce” and “coincidence” comes now “illusion” the 3rd album of Cécile Nordegg alias No-Ce.

“Illusion” is a journey by songs through time, a journey through ancient and contemporary illusions, through yesterday and today. It is a compilation of German songs originally performed by Marlene Dietrich, Zarah Leander, Hildegard Knef and Alexandra; it also includes compositions by Kurt Weill. These revived songs are monologues of a woman who lives in a world of illusions. In order to break free from those false images, she generates new illusions and fantasies to travel in her own chosen world; a world of trilingual monologues that show various emotional states and sentiments, mirrored in subtle ways of expression and playing with the fine differences of the French, German and English language.


1. L’illusion
2. Waldemar
3. Le Bonheur Est Qu’une Seconde
4. Illusions
5. Cabaret Paris
6. Comme Si Tu Etais Un Autre
7. Der Abschiedsbrief
8. Happiness
9. Je Ne T’aime Pas
10. One Plus One
11. Red Roses
12. Speak Low
13. Tu Es Le Sel De Ma Vie
14. Complainte De La Seine
15. Yes Sir
16. Illusionen
17. Cabaret Paris – Remix
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