Henri Marteau – Entdeckung eines Romantikers (Discovery of a romanticist)

Title: Henri Marteau – Entdeckung eines Romantikers Vol. 1

Catalogue No.: SM 229

Release: 24.06.2016


The violinist, composer, violin pedagogue and publisher Henri Marteau (1874-1934) is one of the tragic figures in the history of music. He began his career as a prodigy, encouraged by, among others, Brahms, Bruch, Gounod, and Massenet, and then celebrated triumphs throughout Europe and the US on extended concert tours. As the successor of the German “Violin Pope” Joseph Joachim at the Berlin Academy of Music since 1908, he was also the leading violin teacher in German-speaking countries. But the son of a French industrialist and a German mother, who was a French citizen, was arrested at the outbreak of World War I 1914 as an enemy alien, released several times and arrested again and was allowed to return after a humiliating internment in 1917 in his villa in Lichtenberg in Upper Franconia. His position in Berlin was deprived of him in a degrading manner and was not reproduced even after the end of the war. Neither as a soloist nor as a pedagogue, he was able to build on his successes before the war, certainly not with recordings that came too late for him and show him no longer in full possession of his abilities.


1 Berceuse für Violine und Klavier op. 1 (op. 2, Nr. 1) 03:18 Hans Kalafusz, Gitti Pirner Henri Marteau
2 Andantino für Violine und Klavier op. 2, Nr. 3 02:45 Hans Kalafusz, Gitti Pirner Henri Marteau
3 Chaconne für Viola und Klavier op. 8 06:59 Hariolf Schlichtig, Yumi Sekiya Henri Marteau
Zwei Stücke für Violoncello und Klavier op. 79e Reiner Ginzel, Gitti Pirner Max Reger
4 Nr. 1 Caprice h-moll 02:01
5 Nr. 2 Kleine Romanze D-Dur 02:11
6 Aria aus der Suite a-moll für Violine und Klavier op. 103a – Fassung für Violoncello und Klavier vom Komponisten 03:51 Reiner Ginzel, Gitti Pirner Max Reger
Acht Lieder für eine Singstimme und Streichquartett op. 10 Julie Kaufmann, Hans Kalafusz, Yi Li, Jürgen Weber, Reiner Ginzel Henri Marteau
7 Nr. 1 „An Agnes“ (Nikolaus Lenau) 03:43
8 Nr. 2 „Tränentropfen“ (Agnes Henri Marteau) 02:01
9 Nr. 3 „Als die Liebe kam“ (Agnes Henri Marteau) 02:51
10 Nr. 4 „In dem Garten meiner Seele“ (Agnes Henri Marteau) 02:34
11 Nr. 5 „Liebeslied“ (Agnes Henri Marteau) 01:23
12 Nr. 6 „Sonnenlied“ (Agnes Henri Marteau) 02:02
13 Nr. 7 „Träume“ (Agnes Henri Marteau) 04:40
14 Nr. 8 „Herbst“ (Agnes Henri Marteau) 02:33
Partita für Querflöte und Viola op. 42, Nr. 1 Andrea Lieberknecht, Hariolf Schlichtig Henri Marteau
15 I Praeludium e Fuga 07:34
16 II Courante 01:18
17 III  Marcia funebra 03:02
18 IV Menuet 02:52
19 V Giga 01:27