Hansjörg Schellenberger – Margit Anna Süss – Klaus Stoll: Bach Sonaten

Titel: Bach Sonaten

Katalog Nr.: C 130021

Veröffentlichung: 04.05.1998


As royal Court Composer and Harpsichordist for Frederick the Great of Prussia, C.Ph.E. Bach’s compositions were principally for his own instrument and that of the king, namely the flute. What is largely unknown is that he was also responsible for the first major solo harp sonata as well as a number of important oboe works. Today it is widely accepted that flute pieces of that time could be legitimately performed on the oboe or violin, therefore not only C.Ph.E. Bach’s A minor flute sonata, but also the three sonatas erroneously attributed to J. S. Bach, profit from the new tonal spectrum offered by the oboe.


Sonata in C major for oboe, harp and double bass BWV 1033 – Johann Sebastian Bach

01  Andante – Presto
02  Allegro
03  Adagio
04  Menuett I und II

Sonata in G major for harp solo (Wq. 139) – Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

05  Adagio un poco
06  Allegro
07  Allegro

Sonata in G minor for oboe, harp and double bass (Wq. 135) – Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

08  Adagio
09  Allegro
10  Vivace

Sonata in E flat majorfor oboe, harp and double bass BWV 1031 – Johann Sebastian Bach

11  Allegro moderato
12  Siciliana
13  Allegro

Sonata in A minor for oboe solo (Wq. 132) – Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

14  Poco Adagio
15  Allegro
16  Allegro

Sonata in G minor for oboe, harp and double bass BWV 1020 – Johann Sebastian Bach

17  Allegro
18  Adagio
19  Allegro