Margit Anna Süss – Complete Impromptus – Schubert

Title: Complete Impromptus – Schubert – Fassung fuer Harfe

Catalogue No.: C 130205

Release: 04.03.2016


At the age of 20 she became principal harp of the North German Radio Symphony Orchestra in Hamburg and was among the young soloists selected nationwide by the Deutsche Musikrat, which brought her numerous concert engagements.

She also played as a guest for many years with the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra and for more than 10 years with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (at that time under the direction of Herbert von Karajan and Claudio Abbado), where she played under all the great conductors, and participated on numerous CD recordings. For more than 20 years, she has performed with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra during the Salzburg Easter Festival.
As a concerto soloist she has performed with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under Claudio Abbado, the National Orchestra of Lyon under Emanuel Krivine, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra under David Shallon, the English Chamber Orchestra, the Prague Chamber Orchestra, the Heilbronn Chamber Orchestra, the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra,


4 Impromptus  op.90 (D899) 32:48 Franz Schubert
Nr. 1 in C minor: Allegro molto moderato 11:35
Nr. 2 in E flat major: Allegro 05:39
Nr. 3 in G flat major: Andante 06:49
Nr. 4 in A flat major: Allegretto 08:34
4 Impromptus op. post. 142  (D 935) 44:10 Franz Schubert
Nr. 1 in F minor: Allegro moderato 13:13
Nr. 2 in A-flat major: Allegretto 08:40
Nr. 3 in B flat major: Theme with Variations: Andante-Var. I-V 13:56
Var. 1 03:48
Var. 2 01:52
Var. 3 02:53
Var. 4 02:29
Var. 5 02:54
Nr. 4 in F minor: Allegro scherzando 08:06

Margit Anna Süss – Zeitenwandel

Title: Zeitenwandel – Spohr, Bach, Haydn, Hamel, Hindemith

Catalogue No.: C 130175

Release: 23.10.2009


Renowned solo harpist Margit-Anna Süß, a native of Munich, who also appeared as a guest harpist with the Berlin- and Bamberg Symphonic Orchestras, describes a journey through musical eras on her new CD “Zeitenwandel” (lit.: Change of Times), which is a co-production with the ‘Bayerischer Rundfunk’.

Ms. Süß explains: “I would love to show what music intended to express in different eras and how this can be translated into harp-playing. I deliberately dropped any chronological order as to offer the listener more contrast. These are not exclusively original oeuvres as I am really interested in valuable compositional literature. There is a certain tendency nowadays to record single ‘movements’ instead of complete sonatas or oeuvres – so to speak, chocolate candies of a distinct flavour which are sized-down for easy instead of attentive listening thus creating a pleasant mood for the listener – almost like background muzak in a supermarket.”

Her recordings of wonderful oeuvres by Bach, Haydn, Hamel and Hindemith prove how excellently she carried out her ambitious project.


01 Spohr: Fantasie c-moll für Harfe solo op.35
02 Louis Spohr: Variationen über die Melodie “Ich bin noch jung” op.36
03 Johann Sebastian Bach: Suite Nr.1 BWV 996 für Laute in der Adaption für Harfe von Marie-Claiere Jamet
04 Joseph Haydn: Thema con Variazioni für Harfe solo Hob. XVII: Nr.5
05 Peter Michael Hamel: Miniaturen für Harfe
06 Paul Hindemith: Sonate für Harfe

Hansjörg Schellenberger – Margit Anna Süss – Klaus Stoll: Musique A Versailles

Titel: Musique A Versailles

Katalog Nr.: C 130090

Veröffentlichung: 21.01.2000


Pleasure, intellectual entertainment with roguish thoughtfulness, skilled instrumental improvisation and of course also sensual experiences in the field of pictorially and theatrically inspired music at the court of Versailles – this is promised and can also be delivered by this combination of original compositions and arrangements with the “Trio Marie-Antoinette”. The name of the ensemble – historically appropriate for music of this period – is an echo of the name of the baroque harp, which makes its entry in the trio.




01  Les Folies d’Espagne


02  Musette en Rondeau
03  Rigaudon
04  Gigue
05  Les Sauvages
06  Tambourin
07  La Follette

MARIN MARAIS: Suite en Ré mineur

08  Prélude
09  Allemande
10  La Mignone
11  Caprice
12  Menuet
13  Gigue La Petite
14  Rondeau


15  O ma voisine
16  Voicy le jour solemnel
17  Je me suis levé per un matinet
18  Joseph est bien marié
19  St. Prophete
20  Vous qui desirés sans fin
21  Notre bon père Noél
22  Noél pour l’amour de Marié
23  Les Bourgeoises de Chartres
24  Si c’est pour moter la vie
25  O Dieu que nétois je né
26  Une bergere jolie
27  Noél Nouveau 1733
28  Autre Noél


29  Les Barricades mysterieuxes
30  Soeur Monique

FRANCOIS COUPERIN: Concerto VI in B major

31  Gravement et mésuré
32  Allemende à 4 temps légers
33  Srabande
34  Air de diable
35  Sicilienne

Margit Anna Süss – Mozart in der Bauernmusik

Künstlerin: Margit Anna Süss

Titel: Mozart in der Bauernmusik

Katalog Nr.: C 130076

Veröffentlichung: 26.11.1999


This CD is the most personal as well as intimate production within the whole series of our label: it connects adaptations of Mozart’s pieces for the bavarian folk harp and double-bass with the original folk music of his time. Programmatically this CD walks along the borderline between the original longly backrooted austrian/bavarian folk music in the 18th century and its classical neighbors focused on W.A. Mozart.


01  Da Holzner Boarische
02  Mühlviertler Ländler
03  Mozart: Menuett (from Symphony in E flat major)
04  Vorarlberger Bauerntänze
05  Zillertaler Boarischer
06  Mozart: Ländlerischer Tanz
07  “Mozart” – Menuett
08  Thernberger Hochzeitsstückln
09  Mozart: “Ihr, die ihr Triebe des Herzens kennt” (from “The Marriage of Figaro”)
10  Hallstädter Hochzeitsmarsch (um 1800)
11  Schweizer Tanz
12  Mozart: Menuett (from “Don Giovanni”)
13  Deutscher Tanz
14  Mozart: Deutscher Tanz (Schlittenfahrt)
15  Südtirolere Hochzeitsmusik
16  Mozart: “Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja (from “The Magic Flute”
17  Altfränkisches Menuett
18  Schellenberger Zigeunerpolka
19  Mozart: “Das klinget so herrlich” (from “The Magic Flute”)
20  Harfenpolka
21  Bauernmenuett aus Imst (harp solo)
22  Mozart: Gavotte (from the ballet “Les petits riens”
23  Stockerauer Tanz
24  Mozart: Menuett (from “Haffner Serenade”)
25  Alte “Steierische Tänze”
26  Mozart: Deutscher Tanz
27  Menuett in G major
28  Mozart: “Reich mir die Hand, mein Leben” (from “Don Giovanni”)
29  In der Klostermühle, Boarischer aus Dietramszell (Sepp Neumüller)
30  Nanei Ländler (Tobi Reiser)
31  Der alte Marsch von Österreich