Marlis Petersen – Dimensionen Mensch & Lied (4 CD Box)

Artist: Marlis Petersen

Title: Dimensionen Mensch & Lied (4 CD-Box)

Catalogue No.: SM 350

Release: 16.10.2020


We humans live and move in dimensions. In the Here and Now as well as in the Inside, sometimes „beyond“ in other worlds and with a common vision hopefully also for a new world!

Four CDs invite you to wander through these spheres like a protagonist through different chapters of being. 

Carl Loewe, Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Richard Strauss, Hugo Wolf, Franz Liszt, but also Hans Sommer, Bruno Walter, Wilhelm Stenhammer, Reynaldo Hahn and many more are our musical companions for the journey into these dimensions and back to yourself. Be HUMAN again through the LIED

The Box with an extensive booklet contains 4 CDs:

Backcover & Playlist

Marlis Petersen – Neue Welt (Bonus CD)

Artist: Marlis Petersen

Title: Neue Welt (Bonus CD)

Catalogue No.: SM 351

Release: 16.10.2020


We are the New World!

A humanity without automatisms and depleted habits. Our society needs a strong togetherness, a reflection of the own self in the other and a common vision for peace and freedom for humans, animals and nature. It is time for a change in thinking and for a life in common ethics. Joy, love, equality and freedom are the central concepts and values that we are allowed to plant in ourselves in order to create such a world together; cohesion, attentiveness, common vision and love are our companions! Each of us counts, because as Nelson Mandela said: “To keep yourself small does not serve the world”.

Let’s listen a little to those who use such wisdom in prose and music and can thus reach us on direct paths to the heart!

You hear Songs by by Mozart, Strauss, Mahler, Wolf, Sommer, Eisler and others as well as texts recited by Marlis Petersen. The worldwide celebrated soprano and Opus Klassik winner 2020 is accompanied as always by the renowned pianist Matthias Lademann.

The CD ist available only as part of the 4-CD-Box Dimensionen Mensch & Sein.

Backcover & Playlist

Marlis Petersen: Dimensionen – Innenwelt (Innerworld)

Artists: Marlis Petersen / Stephan Matthias Lademann

Title: Dimensionen Innenwelt

Catalogue No.: SM 316

Release: 20.09.2019


With the CD “Innerworld”, the last part of her trilogy „Dimensionen“ (dimensions), Marlis Petersen takes us from the here and now into the mysterious realm of visions and dreams, into the subconscious of the soul, into the night, where thoughts, wishes and feelings arise. Night and dreamsInner movementSalvation and homecoming are the stations of the songs. In addition to some composers of the other CDs, the listener now also finds French masters, with their very own “mouvement intérieur”. Richard Strauss is finally entering the trilogy, combined with a premiere, the new arrangement of the third of his “Four Last Songs” by Gregor Hübner.

Beginning with Schubert, the composer’s arc spans well into the 20th century, and it is worth to rediscover some of them completely new. The musical journey leads us into the hidden worlds of existence, directly into the workshop of the soul.

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Marlis Petersen: Dimensionen – Anderswelt (Otherworld)

Artists: Marlis Petersen & Camillo Radicke

Title: Anderswelt

Catalogue No.: SM 294

Release: 19.10.2018



The human being rooted in the world that sees only what the eye can see…
Does he at once dare a glance to the side where nature, spirits and elemental beings reside? Not many of us have kept the ability to view them and get in contact.

Part II of the Dimension Trilogy offers you after the “World” CD the ‘Otherworldly’ eye from the early Romantic period up to the classical modernism, including the Northern countries (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland), and now hope you allow
yourself to be “lost to the world”…

Plunge into the magical world of twilight – populated with elemental spirits, elves, waterlilies, nymphs and merman. The creatures of the unseen are the protagonists of this classical song CD and tempt the listener into their legendary realms.
Carl Loewe, Johannes Brahms, Max Reger, Nikolai Medtner, Hugo Wolf, Alexander Zemlinsky, Franz Schreker, Hans Sommer and many more engaged themselve in this mystic world and set it in music in a very sensual and playful way!

Backcover & Playlist

Marlis Petersen: Dimensionen – Welt (Dimensions – World)

Artists: Marlis Petersen

Stephan Matthias Lademann

Title: Dimensionen – Welt

Catalogue No.: SM 274

Release: 03.11.2017


In the first part “world” of their new “dimensions” trilogy Marlis Petersen and Stephan Matthias Lademann make a journey through 100 years of musical romanticism – an epoch in which natural images of various kinds play a central role as the projection and reflection surface of human feelings and longings. We can hear compositions by Franz Schubert, Clara and Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Richard Wagner, Sigurd von Koch and Hans Sommer, who are concerned with the themes of “heaven and earth”, “man and nature”, “lot and knowledge” and “hope and longing “.

Marlis Petersen is a lyrical soprano, touring worldwide since 2003. Everybody knows her as Alban Berg’s heroine Lulu, which she presented in ten different productions worldwide, most recently at the Bavarian State Opera (just released on DVD) and Metropolitan Opera. The magazine “opernwelt” has already honored her for the third time with the title “Singer of the Year”. In January 2017 she was part of the great Elbphilharmonie-opening with Jörg Widmann’s “Arche” under the direction of Kent Nagano. Marlis Petersen has been dedicated to the genre “Lied” for several years.


Himmel und Erde
1 Himmel und Erde 1:49
2 Cora an die Sonne 2:03
3 An die untergehende Sonne 6:18
4 Herbstabend 3:02
5 Die Mutter Erde 3:48
Mensch und Natur
6 Naturgenuss, D 188 2:43
7 Die Hütte 2:50
8 Die Berge, D 634 2:17
9 Juchhe 2:27
10 Des Sennen Abschied, op. 79 2:10
11 Dämmrung senkte sich von oben 3:52
Los und Erkenntnis
12 Gesang des Lebens 2:21
13 Der Strom, der neben mir verrauschte 1:14
14 Serenade op. 70 (Vier Gesänge) no. 3 1:34
15 Das Los des Menschen 3:19
16 Sehnsucht op. 51 2:18
17 Stehe still 3:34
Hoffnung und Sehnsucht
18 Am See 2:05
19 Mein Stern 2:06
20 Feldeinsamkeit 2:57
21 Mondnacht 3:48
22 Erinnerung 1:51