The Twiolins – Eight Seasons Evolution

Artists: The Twiolins

Title: Eight Seasons Evolution

Catalogue No.: SM 352

Release: 20.11.2020


THE TWIOLINS are the siblings Marie-Luise and Christoph Dingler, specialists in the violin duo genre. Having grown up in a musical environment, they have achieved the highest degree of interplay and a unique sound identity through their shared curriculum vitae and constant playing together.

Why Vivaldi and Piazzolla? Or to put it another way: why, after more than ten years of searching and working on new compositions, does the duo now devote itself to two deceased composers who could hardly be more opposite? Adapting Kremer’s project Eight Seasons and transforming it into a typical “Twiolins project” is unusual for the TWIOLINS, but it was almost dreamwalkingly simple. Thus it was clear to the duo that the Eight Seasons had to evolve, through their own interpretation, transformation and growth. In short: an evolution was necessary.

Nevertheless, it was an adventure to play the Four Seasons from Vivaldi on two violins arrange. Years of playing together gave them enough experience to be able to present Vivaldi’s masterpiece appropriately – without reducing the content of the work. Both Vivaldi and Piazzolla have undergone a transformation and show us new aspects in this chamber music version that have never been heard before in these great works of world literature …

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Katona Twins – Hollywood and Swing

Artists: Katona Twins

Title: Hollywood and Swing

Catalogue No.: SM 333

Release: 20.11.2020


A couple of years ago we were invited to play a Hollywood themed programme in Grafenegg/Austria. We quickly arranged a handful of well-known film music pieces and performed them along with some original compositions for two guitars by M. C. Tedesco, a prolific film music composer in the forties and fifties.

We couldn’t omit the king of gypsy jazz: Django Reinhardt, whose compositions often enliven Hollywood films. The concert was a huge success and we received an unusually high number of requests for a film music themed record.

From this, our Hollywood and Swing CD was borne. Some of our choices of repertoire might seem over ambitious, especially when reducing the whole orchestral sound to two guitars. We hope nevertheless, that our interpretation of these iconic Hollywood film scores like “The Deer Hunter” or the beautiful tunes from the „West Side Story“ will provide the listener with as much pleasure as we had playing them.

Zoltan & Peter Katona

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Fazil Say & casalQuartett – Ballads & Quintets

Artists: Fazil Say & casalQuartett

Title: Ballads & Quintets

Catalogue No.: SM 340

Release: 02.10.2020


With his extraordinary pianistic talents, Fazıl Say has been touching audiences and critics alike for more than twenty-five years, in a way that has become rare in the increasingly materialistic and elaborately organised classical music world. Concerts with this artist are something different. They are more direct, more open, more exciting; in short, they go straight to the heart.

On the CD now being released by Solo Musica together with the casalQuartett “Ballads & Quintets” there are two works by Fazil Say in addition to the Piano Quintet in E flat major op. 44 by Schumann. The casalQuartett, which has won numerous awards, has developed itself a unique sound and style that sheds new light on the heyday of the string quartet.

The 3 Ballads op. 12 for Piano Quintet were originally solo piano ballads, which were rearranged especially for this publication for piano quintet. The piano quintet “The Moving Mansion” breathes new life into stories of the past. The background is a spectacular tale about the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

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casalQuartett – Beethoven’s World 1799 – 1851 (5 CD-Box)

Artist: casalQuartett

Title: Beethovens Welt 1799 – 1851 (5 CD-Box)

Catalogue No.: SM 283

Release: 25.09.2020


Throughout history, the cultural legacy of some geniuses has been of such universal magnitude that its aftermath has spread far beyond the narrow confines of the actual field of their activity. In a study of the University of Cambridge, which is dedicated to the ranking of the 100 most important, most influential personalities in history, Ludwig van Beethoven is ranked 27th.

Beethoven‘s place in the history of music over the following decades and centuries is not comparable to that of his immediate contemporaries. While the pianist Beethoven caused a furore and was admired at a young age, his works caused astonishment and confusion from the very beginning, and often met with frowning criticism. Of course, there were also other, more positive voices. While Beethoven was at the height of his career in the middle phase of his life until about 1815, in recent years, the resentments against his misunderstood late style and the supposedly increasing oddness of its author grew. Nonetheless, the respect shown to him by the international music community increased until the end of his life, culminating in a funeral that the city had never seen before.

The casalQuartett‘s five-part Concert & CD project explores the phenomenon of Beethoven‘s impact on his time, or, conversely, how other musicians influenced him. For however peculiar and original Beethoven was: Without his era, as it was, he too would have become someone else.

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Wiener Symphoniker & Philippe Jordan – Brahms Symphonies

Artists: Wiener Symphoniker & Philippe Jordan

Title: Brahms Symphonies (4 CD Box)

Catalogue No.: WS021

Release: 07.08.2020


After the critically acclaimed recording of Beethoven’s nine symphonies, the Wiener Symphoniker present now under the direction of their outgoing Music Director Philippe Jordan another cyclical recording: The Symphonies by Johannes Brahms.
It had taken 14 years of preparatory work before Brahms ventured to complete his First Symphony in 1876. The four symphonies that emerged in the following decade are not only touching measurements of the human soul’s landscape but also the central creative legacy of the great romantic composer.
All four symphonies were recorded live in the Golden Hall of the Wiener Musikverein in autumn 2019 – a hall that arguably meets the tonal requirements of the works like no other. After all two of the four symphonies had been premiered here while the other two had been performed here for the first time in Austria.
This latest CD production by the Wiener Symphoniker marks the end of Philippe Jordan’s tenure as Music Director of the traditional Viennese orchestra but also represents the culmination of their internationally celebrated artistic collaboration.

With the new publication, the Wiener Symphoniker are presenting the twenty-first release on their eponymous label founded in 2012.

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Ensemble Melpomen: CHOROS/ΧΟΡΟΣ

Artists: Ensemble Melpomen / Conrad Steinmann

Title: CHOROS/ΧΟΡΟΣ – Chorische Musik zur Tragödie Oidipous von Sophokles

Catalogue No.: SM 317

Release: 17.07.2020


CHOROS / ΧΟΡΟΣ: dialogues and alternating chants with music for the Oidípous Týrannos by Sophocles and for chorus poetry by Archilochos, Alkman and Sappho.

The music for CHOROS / ΧΟΡΟΣ made for texts from the 7th to 5th centuries BC came about through an intensive approach to the ancient world of sound: the instruments reconstructed by Paul J. Reichlin formed the basis of the music. These are the result of over 20 years of intensive collaboration between an instrument maker and a music archeologist. Instrument parts in various museums, countless vase paintings and reliefs from the period 700 to 500 BC served as sources, as well as literary documents. Another important source of knowledge as to how ancient Greek music might have sounded are the peculiarities of the ancient Greek language, which allow conclusions to be drawn about the music.

This extraordinary CD for the revival of dramatic choirs of Greek classical music follows earlier projects by the Ensemble Melpomen such as Olympionikais (Pindar’s Olympian Odes) for the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens or Sappho and Melpomen, music for an Athens symposium, which have already been released on CD.

You can download a list of the instruments used here

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Münchner Symphoniker & Kevin John Edusei – Schubert

Artists: Münchner Symphoniker & Kevin John Edusei

Title: Franz Schubert – Symphonie Nr. 3 & 7

Catalogue No.: SM 339

Release: 03.07.2020


The motto of this CD release of Schubert’s Symphonies Nos. 3 & 7 in E-major might be “On to new horizons!” In general, this phrase has positive connotations, and it offers an apt description for the sparkling innovative force driving forward Symphony No. 3 in D-major. Here, Schubert is still in a state of experimentation characterized by youthful energy, having overcome the teething troubles which plagued the previous Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2. Does the phrase, however, also apply to the completion of the score fragment of Symphony No. 7 in E-major? One has to admit that the answer is: yes and no. On the one hand, the slow introduction of the Seventh in E-major sounds like something perfectly new (and something newly perfect), on the other, there may have been reasons why Schubert, who impatiently began composing straight into the sketched-out score, left the symphony a mere skeleton. Even in a version completed by another hand, this work is worth exploring, as it builds a bridge from the carefree Symphony No. 6 to Schubert’s late works, the Unfinished Symphony and the Great Symphony in C-major. Two departures for new horizons – and they are two different horizons – are what we seek to document with this recording.

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Höhenrieder & Berger – Beethoven: Complete works for piano and cello

Artists: Margarita Höhenrieder & Julius Berger

Title: Beethoven: Complete works for piano and cello (2 CDs)

Catalogue No.: SM 338

Release: 19.06.2020


“Who would I need to be to be able to talk about a man who is still growing…”   Adam Zagajewski: “The late Beethoven”

Margarita Höhenrieder and I have known it all our lives: the elucidations of Carl Czerny or Rudolf Kolisch, the latest Urtext editions that will lead us to “faithfulness to the text”, the disquisitions from Romain Rolland to Eleonore Büning – we read, we discuss, it all seems helpful and necessary. At the end of the day it is the mature individual, the serious exponent, who makes the decision led by the promptings of conscience, and who simultaneously senses this “growing” of which Zagajewski speaks. We climb a steep path, in order to approach Beethoven more closely. The summit of this path is visible, but not attainable. That is why we keep returning to this path, endless as it is. Beethoven lives in us, as he changes, as we change. Life aspires to art, art is a way forward, life is our way forward. Beethoven changes us through his “growth”. We grow with him!

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Peter Horton & Slava Kantcheff – Moving Spirit

Artists: Peter Horton & Slava Kantcheff

Title: Moving Spirit (digital album)

Catalogue No.: SM 346

Release: 08.05.2020


Rhythm is a basic fabric into which chords and melodies of life are woven. It is an elixir of joy and symbolizes a condensation of the mind in sensually
experiencable forms – as life and matter are.
The music is determined by large melodic arcs, which are harmoniously embedded in an orchestral landscape. The fascination of crystals is at work – their rhythm of geometry, light and density. Are they data storage of billions of years of mineral evolution, mysterious switching points of intelligent solar power? Or just witnesses of the beauty from the warm belly of the earth?

In any case, contemplation and silence in the middle of a changing world…


Pamela Stahel – Piccolo Encounters

Artist: Pamela Stahel

Title: Piccolo Encounters

Catalogue No.: SM 329

Release: 08.05.2020


“PICCOLO ENCOUNTERS” is the culmination of a career-long desire to capture the essence of the wealth of experience we have been able to accumulate as musical partners and friends. These encounters and experiences that we were able to make in the world of music had a decisive influence on the life of Pamela Stahel and led to the creation of this CD. It is not only the special perspective of a piccolo player that is important, but above all the special repertoire that makes up the character of this collaboration. Both the selection of the pieces and the performers are decisive. Pamela Stahel plays a Burkart Piccolo Elite XXV. Nicola Mazzanti plays a Keefe Piccolo.

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