Author: Matthias Gibson

Hans Adolfsen

At the age of 17, Hans Adolfsen enrolled at the Utrecht Conservatory in the Netherlands and commenced a course of study in singing. Some years later, he switched to the piano. On the evening that he heard his first Lieder recital, a Schubert programme with Elly Ameling and Rudolf Jansen, he was so enraptured that he at once knew he was destined to be a Lieder accompanist. He completed his piano studies and complemented them with courses in chamber music and song accompaniment.
Throughout his time at the Conservatory, he accompanied vocalists at concerts and master classes, expanding his own understanding of the Lied in master classes with Hartmut Höll and Mitsuko Shirai, Udo Reinemann, Arleen Augér, Irwin Gage and Thomas Hampson. The intensive work with singing teacher Margreet Honig played a major part in making him the much-soughtafter coach and rehearsal pianist that he is today. Adolfsen conducts a Lieder class at the Zurich University of the Arts together with pianist and composer Daniel Fueter, whose constant engagement with music and literature has been a fresh source of inspiration for him.




Luca Bernhard

Luca Bernard was born on April 21, 1994 in Zurich. As a member of the Zürcher Sängerknaben, he sang the second boy in Mozart’s “Zauberflöte” at the Zurich Opera House. From 2009 to 2014 he had singing lessons from Samuel Zünd at the Zurich Conservatory. From autumn 2013 he studied at the Zurich University of the Arts, initially piano with Eckart Heiligers and from 2014 also singing with Scot Weir. In June 2018 he completed his master with singing as a major. He has performed on concert stages with well-known orchestras such as the Zurich Chamber Orchestra. He was a finalist of the International Othmar Schoeck Competition 2016. In 2017, he sang Ottokar from the “Zigeunerbaron” at the Operettenbühne Hombrechtikon. In 2018, he portrayed Stanislaus from the “Vogelhändler” in the same place. Luca Bernard is a Migros Kulturprozent laureate. From the 2019/20 season he is a member of the International Opera Studio at the Zurich Opera House.





Franziska Heinzen & Benjamin Mead

Growing up in a British-Polish family of musicians in Germany, the pianist Benjamin Mead has been studying song accompaniment and chamber music with Michael Dussek and Malcolm Martineau with Prof. Boguslaw Strobel in Düsseldorf at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He will continue his studies from autumn 2020 in the concert exam and at the same time as a fellowship at the institution of the same name. As the winner of the Brenda Webb Award for song design and the Dennis Horner Accompanist’s Prize, he quickly established himself as an expressive and sensitive song designer: He made his debut in 2020 at Wigmore Hall in London, gave chamber music evenings with the Australian violinist Bridget O’Donnell and song evenings with Dame Felicity Lott, Franziska Heinzen and Manuel Walser.
Part of his intensive chamber music work is the collaboration with the Swiss soprano Franziska Andrea Heinzen. Together, the lied duo now inspires audiences across half of Europe. In February 2021, their debut album around the French composer group Les Six will be released as a co-production with Swiss radio SRF 2 Kultur at Solo Musica.
The Swiss soprano Franziska Heinzen inspires in baroque operas up to world premieres with her unmistakable stage presence and gripping authenticity. I.a. She made her debut at the Trier Theater in 2015 as an “outstanding Mozart voice” in the role of Annio (La clemenza di Tito), which she resurrected as a substitute at the Ulm Theater. Furthermore, until 2015 she could be heard in the lyric mezzo-soprano as Ruggiero (Alcina), Idamante (Idomeneo) and Isolier (Le comte Ory).
The lied duo met in 2015 at the Robert Schumann University in Düsseldorf. In 2017 they won first prize at the 2nd Rhein-Ruhr International Lied Competition in Ratingen and second prize at the Sieghardt Rometsch Chamber Music Competition. In addition, the lied duo was awarded the 2017 Music Culture Prize by the State Capital of Düsseldorf for their artistic work.




Bernard & Adolfsen – Nachklang

Artists: Luca Bernard & Hans Adolfsen

Title: Nachklang

Catalogue No.: SM 341

Release: 26.02.2021

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This is a selection of Lieder by Swiss composers – to give a superficial description of the songs recorded for this album. Making such a selection involves making decisions. What is important? What is essential? Are the chosen songs gems or rarities? Do they exemplify the work of the respective composers?
A selection can be both a winnowing-out and a compilation. Each of these actions applies to the Lieder presented here. The recordings (re)present debut or early works, and also rarely heard works by established composers. This album centres on the “Seven Winter Songs” op. 1 by Hans Schaeuble (1906-1988). The words and music of the Lieder have now appeared in print, and this premiere recording was made in consequence. The music edition of the Sieben Winterlieder Op. 1 is based on a calligraphic manuscript in the Zurich Central Library, which is clearly a fair copy illustrated by Schaeuble’s brother Erich.

The singer Luca Bernard is a study prize winner of Migros Kulturprozent. From the 2019/20 season he became a member of the International Opera Studio at Zurich Opera House.

At the Zurich University of the Arts, pianist Hans Adolfsen has a Lied class together with pianist and composer Daniel Fueter, whose encounters with music and literature have provided him with a new source of inspiration.

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Heinzen & Mead: „Les Six“ – Works by Auric, Durey, Honegger, Milhaud, Poulenc and Tailleferre

Artists: Franziska Heinzen & Benjamin Mead

Title: „Les Six“ – Works by Auric, Durey, Honegger, Milhaud, Poulenc and Tailleferre

Catalogue No.: SM 357

Release: 12.02.2021


Then as now, the music of „Les Six“ is a fascinating kaleidoscope of musical ideas and friendship; an idiosyncratic preciousness full of musical avant-garde, everyday melancholy, profound curiosities, virtuosity and passion that is in need of rediscovery.

The collaborative work „L’Album des Six“ was created in 1920, to which each of the six composers Georges Auric, Louis Durey, Arthur Honegger, Darius Milhaud, Francis Poulenc and Germaine Tailleferre contributed a piece. Arranged alphabetically, the album summarises the composers through their connection with various aesthetic ideas, different personalities and lifelong friendship. 100 years later, the „L’Album des Six“ is expanded with corresponding song cycles from their oeuvres: In addition to well-known compositions by Francis Poulenc and Darius Milhaud, the first releases of the song cycles by Georges Auric (1940) and Louis Durey (1920) enrich the CD in a special way.

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Quartett des Kammerorchester Basel: Der Struwwelpeter [Premium Edition]

Artist: Quartett des Kammerorchester Basel 

Title: Der Struwwelpeter [Premium Edition]

Catalogue No.: SM 355

Release: 29.01.2021


Der Struwwelpeter – a (hairy) radio play, played and sung by a quartet of the Basel Chamber Orchestra

„Look, here it is. Fie! The mophead…“ The eight famous stories from the timeless children’s book in witty, theatrical settings and arrangements by Konstantin Timokhine as an audio CD: Directed by Salomé Im Hof, the musicians Ewa Miribung (violin, banjo), Georg Dettweiler (cello), Konstantin Timokhine (horn) and Jan Wollmann (trumpet) from the Basel Chamber Orchestra play, sing and tell the popular stories in a colourful, rhythmic and groovy, profound and poetic way: for young and old, recommended from 5 years on. The four stories „Der böse Friedrich“, „Paulinchen mit dem Feuerzeug“, „Zappel-Philipp“ and „Hans-Guck-in-die-Luft“ were arranged for the CD and extended with the four other stories „von den schwarzen Buben“, „Daumenlutscher“, „Suppen-Kaspar“ and „Zappel-Philipp“. The original chronological order of the original book has been retained, so it is easy to read along and follow the pictures. Between the episodes, questions are asked in short intermezzi – spoken by and for children. Stimulating to form one’s own thoughts and valuable as a mediating aspect of the audio CD!

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