Peter Fitz – Hendrikje Fitz – Sibylle Briner: More than Bolero

Title: More than Bolero

Catalogue No.: SM 158

Release: 17.10.2011


Literature music collage over Maurice Ravel on the basis of the novelful Biografie of Jean Echenoz „Ravel“

Jean Echenoz, French writer and owner of the most important French literary award, the Prix Goncour, wrote a congenial biography over one of the most important musicians of the 20th century, Maurice Ravel.

This CD brings us the human Ravel behind the composer, who is often reduced to injustice on the Bolero. Ravels always same answer to the standard question about its masterpiece: „The Bolero naturally. It harms only that he does not contain music “. Maurice Ravel, in the eyes of its contemporaries constantly more a smoking, often sleeplessness and grumpy Dandy, appears to us in the spirit-rich texts Enchenoz `as a puzzling man, with numerous airs, unknown quantities sexuality, alternating phases of high work strength and large indifference and a most strange end of life with only 62 years.

It was highly estimated a celebrated man of its time, despite its strange character, also from its colleagues, although on mutuality was not always based.

Beside Ravel, we hear two pieces of its most important contemporaries: George Gershwin and Claude Debussy.


CD 1
1. Lesung I                                      00:22
2. Jeux d’Eau – Maurice Ravel   05:37
3. Lesung II                                     08:31
4. Rhapsody in Blue Teil I
George Gershwin                         08:18
5. Lesung III                                   10:41
6. Rhapsody in Blue Teil II
George Gershwin                         08:00
7. Lesung IV                                   07:20CD 2
1. Lesung V                                    05:24
2. Ballade – Claude Debussy      06:32
3. Lesung VI                                   23:30
4. Bolero – Maurice Ravel           12:39