Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana – Hansjörg Schellenberger: Lost & Found

Title: Concertini for Oboe “Lost & Found”

Catalogue No.: C 130168

Release: 02.02.2008


Lost & Found means stumbling across music by pure chance, fortuitous circumstances and sometimes after a long and arduous search; music composed a long time ago, in most cases performed then and since lost in the mists of time.

The nineteenth century plays a central role in all this, since the oboe as a solo instrument had by that time been relegated to a wallflower existence and was only perceived by the music-loving public as part of the overall orchestral timbre. If Robert Schumann had not written his famous Romances op. 94, there would have not been a single composer of reputation in the Romantic era to have written anything for the oboe.

We hope that these recordings will bear witness to the treasures to be found when such a journey of discovery leads to the production of a whole CD, especially since the nineteenth century produced such a cornucopia of music, including that of some outstanding composers of the second and third rank.

On this Record you are discovering first recordings by:

Ignaz Lachner (1807 – 1895)
Jan Wenzislaus Kalliwoda (1801 – 1866)
August Klughardt (1847 – 1902)
Josef Rejcha (1752 – 1795)


August Friedrich Martin Klughardt (1847 – 1902) Concertino für Oboe und Orchester op.18

01 Ziemlich lebhaft – August Friedrich Martin Klughardt
02 Ruhig und sehr ausdrucksvoll – August Friedrich Martin Klughardt
03 Lebhaft – August Friedrich Martin Klughardt

Joseph Reicha (1746 – 1795) Konzert in B-Dur für Oboe und Orchester

04 Allegro – Joseph Reicha
05 Adagio – Joseph Reicha
06 Rondo: Allegro – Joseph Reicha

Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda (1801 – 1866) Divertissement op.58 für Oboe und Orchester

07 Introduzione (Allegretto) – Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda
08 Allegro Andante – Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda
09 Adagio – Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda
10 Vivace – Presto – Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda

Joseph Reicha (1746 – 1795) Konzert in F-Dur für Oboe und Orchester

11 Allegro – Joseph Reicha
12 Adagio – Joseph Reicha
13 Rondeau: Allegretto – Joseph Reicha

Ignaz Lachner (1807 – 1895) Concertino für Oboe und Orchester

14 Allegro moderato – Ignaz Lachner
15 Andantino – Ignaz Lachner
16 Rondo: Allegretto quasi Andantino – Ignaz Lachner