Stefan Dohr – Markus Becker: Franz u. Richard Strauss

Titel: Franz u. Richard Strauss – Musik für Horn und Klavier

Katalog Nr.: C 130120

Veröffentlichung: 26.10.2000


Had his son Richard not become world famous for his tone poems and operas, Franz Strauss (1822-1905) would today surely be one of those forgotten musicians who were recognized as important artistic personalities in their lifetime. Franz Strauss became a living legend as a horn virtuoso, by “breathing soul, as it were, into the unthankful instrument”, as on critic put it at the time. Even Richard Wagner hat to admit: “Old Strauss is an unbearable fellow, but when he plays the horn one can’t really mind him”.

This recording presents the complete works of Franz Strauss for horn and piano accompaniment. It’s no surprise that young Richard Strauss followed his father’s taste both stylistically and in the choice of genre. With astonishing maturity, he created a work which can still hold its own in today’s concert halls. It still makes the same demands on a horn-players ability, which caused Richard Strauss to consider revising it in order to render the “almost unperformable ‘Variations’ “playable “for human lungs and human lips, as he himself put it. It is not certain if such a revision took place. If so, it is not existent.


01  Fantasy on “Sehnsuchtswalzer” by Schubert op. 2 – Franz Strauss
02  Les Adieux (Romance) w/o op. – Franz Strauss
03  Original Fantasy op. 6 – Franz Strauss
04  Nocturno op. 7 – Franz Strauss
05  “Empfindungen am Meer” – Romance op. 1 – Franz Strauss
06  Theme and Variations op. 13 – Franz Strauss
07  Song without words w/o op. – Franz Strauss
08  Introduction, Theme and Variations – Richard Strauss
09  Andante – Richard Straus