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Beethoven: Symphonies 4 & 5

In February 2018, the Wiener Symphoniker and their Music Director Philippe Jordan present the second CD in their first complete recording of the Beethoven symphonies. With his Fifth Symphony, Beethoven created a true symphonic icon. It is as universally known above all thanks to its powerful opening bars. Its parallels with its predecessor, the Fourth, are less prominent than those with, for example, its successor the Sixth. Nevertheless, the Fourth features many ideas that would only be fully elaborated in the Fifth...


It doesn’t take much to image that the material on this CD could be an initiative launched by Swiss diplomats. A Swiss guitar quartet playing compositions by a Cuban and a American. For many years, relations between Cuba and the USA were not particularly friendly – until Barack Obama opened a new era of diplomacy between the two nations in 2016. As a neutral country, Switzerland has often erved as an intermediary between the United States and other countries.   But this is not about diplomacy...

Beethoven - Revisited Symphonies 1-9


Rhapsodie Roumaine

Rhapsodie Roumaine is a musical canvas for the imagination.   This recording features two emblematic works by the Romanian Grandmaster George Enescu. The Romanian Rhapsody No.1 is presented in a new Piano Quartet arrangement by Thomas Wally, commissioned by the Ensemble Raro. The enigmatic violinist Gilles Apap together with the pianist Diana Ketler perform arguably Enescu’s greatest masterpiece, the Third Sonata for Violin and Piano „dans le caractère populaire roumain“, a work of extreme beauty and intensity...

Franz Schubert - Sonata N°21 D960

Born in Reims in 1934, Philippe Entremont is one of the most famous pianists and French orchestra conductors. The exceptional career of Philippe Entremont began at the age of eighteen when he came to the international attention with his great success at New York’s Carnegie Hall, playing Jolivet’s piano concerto and Liszt’s Piano Concerto No. 1. Since then, he has pursued a top international career as a pianist, and for the last 40 years on the podium as a conductor as well...


Surely not many cellists are able to perform rare, original cello duets with their own father. The GinzelDuellohowever combines the professionalism and experience of father Reiner Ginzel (a professor at Munich’s University of Music) with the youthful freshness and creative spontaneity of young cellist and composer Hans-Henning Ginzel, some of whose remarkable arrangements can be heard on this CD...

Dimensionen - Welt

In the first part “world” of their new "dimensions" trilogy Marlis Petersen and Stephan Matthias Lademann make a journey through 100 years of musical romanticism - an epoch in which natural images of various kinds play a central role as the projection and reflection surface of human feelings and longings. We can hear compositions by Franz Schubert, Clara and Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Richard Wagner, Sigurd von Koch and Hans Sommer, who are concerned with the themes of "heaven and earth", "man and nature", "lot and knowledge" and "hope and longing "...

From Beethoven to Present

Horn sounds from Beethoven to the present   The horn player Mischa Greull is a versatile chamber musician, soloist and teacher. In addition to his worldwide concert activities, Mischa Greull is a professor at the Zurich University of the Arts. He connects with Brahms deeply. During his childhood, the Brahmshaus in Rüschlikon on Lake Zurich was the residence of his grandparents. Beethoven stands for sound transparency, while Schumann's Opus 70 is dedicated to sound fusion. Jörg Widmann is, in comparision to the three old masters, Greull's latest discovery...

Franz Schubert: Symphonien Nr. 4 & 7

The present release of Symphonies 4 and 7 must be understood both as an evaluation of the joint work over past years with the Münchner Symphoniker, and also as a look ahead at what is yet to come. Which composer would be better suited to such a Janus-like look than Schubert - for whom the open, the unspoken and the hoped-for played such an enormous role compositionally as well as biographically? The logo of the Munich Symphony Orchestra shows a golden angel on the banks of the river Isar - wing tips point skywards, keeping vigil over the Bavarian capital...

Brahms Cello-Sonaten

Johannes Brahms once stated himself that, besides learning the piano as his main instrument, he was also taught the violin, horn and cello during his early years. In any case, an early “Duo for Pianoforte and Violoncello”, which was later destroyed by the composer but is known to have been performed under the pseudonym “Karl Würth” in a private concert on July 5, 1851, marked the start of Johannes Brahms’s life-long compositional interest in the cello, the second most prominent string instrument after the violin...
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